POSTECH Faculty Members Honored by Government Award
POSTECH Faculty Members Honored by Government Award
  • Reporter Lee Suh-young
  • 승인 2012.11.07 12:44
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POSTECH scientists and engineers often work at the frontiers of science, pushing the limits of what is known and what is possible. Now, the seventh annual Government Research Development Award is recognizing four projects in which POSTECH faculty members have played major roles: (1) electroless platinum deposition by Professor In Su LEE (CHEM), (2) nanofibers from mussel adhesive protein by Prof. Hyung Joon Cha (CE), (3) photo catalytic water splitting by Prof. Jae Sung Lee (CE), and (4) the emission-imaging system on KSTAR and 2-D microwave-imaging reflectometry by prof. Hyeon K. Park (PHYS).
The Government Research Development Award recognizes superior national R&D projects to increase the sense of pride for national scientists and engineers. Also, the awards are given to form a social consensus and help citizens understand the importance of investment in research and development. The winners were chosen by the National Science and Technology Commission after recommendations were solicited from a wide range of experts, including past Award winners.
This year’s recipients will receive their award during a ceremony at the Korea Chamber of Commerce & Industry Conference Hall on Nov. 16.