In-depth and In-breadth
In-depth and In-breadth
  • Ahn Joon-hyung
  • 승인 2012.09.05 19:54
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It is a pleasure to congratulate The Postech Times on its third anniversary. At the early stage of its foundation, The Postech Times was not sufficiently trained nor was it experienced. But it has become one of the major communicative channels for the POSTECH community in a short time with the support of the publisher, professor editor and staffs, and the committed work by the student reporters. I would like to share my deepest thanks especially to the readers, who have had interest to give encouragement and advice to the POSTECH newspaper. In three years, The Postech Times has improved and has done well to serve the community. Here I would like to share two goals for the betterment of the newspaper with the current reporters.
First, provide in-depth news and valuable information to the audience. Unlike the past when the newspaper had been the dominant medium for information delivery, in the current era, information is brought to readers instantly by profuse news sources. It is hard to convince readers that The Postech Times, which is published in three weeks by a few students in a limited space of paper, is at a higher ground than the other media in terms of speed, fairness and accuracy. Therefore The Postech Times must play a role as a unique media, delivering beneficial information to the readers by dealing with meticulously analyzed news, unparalleled to other school media.
Second, widen the viewer’s horizon with breadth in each article. I understand that the newspaper has a limitation in the range of content that it can handle as a school newspaper. Nevertheless, with this confined news, it cannot satisfy the readers’ desire to know more about POSTECH in a bigger world. In this sense, the reporters should make ceaseless effort to gain experience and expand their own intellectual horizons to examine POSTECH, Postechians and our excellent research results in a bigger frame. When unique perspectives that the public did not catch are presented, The Postech Times might be more respected.
It was not easy to carry out newspaper production and school work at the same time, while having no experience in publishing an English newspaper. However, I am cherishing the hard times as I believe that I have made a contribution to the POSTECH society, big or small. Although the process is tough, I am sure that the current reporters will also have priceless experience and memories from working at The Postech Times.
Congratulations again, and I wish the best of luck for both The Postech Times and its reporters.