Communication Begets More Communication
Communication Begets More Communication
  • Dooyup Jung
  • 승인 2012.09.05 19:52
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On behalf of all readers, I heartily congratulate the English-language section of “The Postech Times” on reaching the third year anniversary. I’d like to give a warm round of applause to reporters, professors and university staff who made considerable efforts establishing the base of the English newspaper.
Getting down to writing this message, an anecdote from when I was the editor-in-chief of my high school newspaper came across my mind. That was, discarding all printed newspapers! Some contents in the newspaper were written in wrong way due to the guidance teacher’s indifference. Securing the budget for re-printing newspapers, I learned an invaluable lesson from this experience: the importance of “communication”. I should have met teachers or staff  with a draft before printing.
Similar problems caused by lack of communication have occurred in our society more than some may expect. Especially, in the case of POSTECH, where a remarkable number of members are foreigners, the barrier of language or culture sometimes interrupts the communication about current events. This may cause misunderstanding.
However, for the last three years, the English newspaper has provided salient information to all Postechians. This movement doesn’t only solve the problem of communication, but also lubricates pleasant conversation between foreign and Korean members. In addition, foreign members’ interest in current issues of POSTECH has been aroused, which can implant the sense of belonging and love for Postech in their hearts.
The English section of “The Postech Times” should walk the road of “publicity” now and forever because communication begets more communication. I personally hope that the space of English section becomes broader so that abundant content such as news, tourism, entertainment, and advertisement can be covered. Celebrate the happy day again!