Redefining the Role of Liberal Education at POSTECH
Redefining the Role of Liberal Education at POSTECH
  • Reporter Lee Suh-young
  • 승인 2012.06.07 18:56
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The Division of Humanities and Social Sciences conducted a workshop titled, “A New way of POSTECH Humanity Education” at POSCO International Center on May 25.
Under the goal of finding out the way of humanity education for science and engineering major students, the workshop was held to discuss the integrated course, Arts and Humanities, which had started since 2011.
The workshop was attended by Professor Min Jeong Kim, Prof. Kim Chun-Shik from POSTECH, Prof. Shin Eui-Hang(SNU), Prof. Woosuk Park(KAIST), Prof. Lee, Young-Joo (GIST), Prof. HeaYeol Lee(UNIST), Deok-Yong Yoon(vice chairman of POSTECH Foundation), and several other professors.
During the workshop, lively debates went on due to the different views of professors. As a humanist at a science and engine- ering major university, Prof. Min Jeong Kim of POSTECH asserted that imagination relate to the study in Humanities is different from that of science. She argued that the purpose of liberal education is not to cultivate humanity, but to quest “why, for what, where, and how” continuously themselves.
Also, several professors from UNIST and GIST attended to benchmark the liberal education for science and engineering major students in POSTECH. A professor from GIST mentioned that, “The attitude of students towards humanity courses varies with that of their majors. Humanity education is bound to be provided in a different way of approaching the course and the different attitude of lecturers.”