Dr. Ju-hyeon Jeon Awarded ‘Saebyeol Woman Scientist Prize’
Dr. Ju-hyeon Jeon Awarded ‘Saebyeol Woman Scientist Prize’
  • Reporter Reo Ye-jin
  • 승인 2011.09.28 16:05
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Presenting preeminent experiments in Interdisciplinary Bioscience

Dr. Ju-hyeon Jeon, advised by Prof. Kim Sang-uk (Life) won the ‘2011 Saebyeol Woman Scientist award. The Women’s Bioscience Forum held ‘the 10th anniversary of its founding and international symposium’ at the Grand Intercontinental Hotel in Seoul where Dr. Jeon received the award on Aug 30.

Her research paper, titled “Network clustering revealed the systemic alterations of mitochondrial protein expression,” was posted on PLos Computational Biology, an authoritative newspaper.  Dr. Jeon has presented her experiment several times to the public.

The Saebyeol Woman Scientist award was created by the Women Bioscience Forum in 2005 in order to discover and spur great women bio-scientists who are going on to graduate or doctorate courses in Korea.