Dramatic Ending of POSTECH & KAIST Science War
Dramatic Ending of POSTECH & KAIST Science War
  • Reporter Reo Ye-jin
  • 승인 2011.09.28 15:42
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There were many interesting points that occurred during the recent POSTECH & KAIST Science War held at KAIST. Nobody could anticipate the result of the competition until the basketball game finished. If supporters were asked to choose the most interesting points of the Science War, they would likely pick the dramatic victory and unexpected outcome of the competitions. While POSTECH gained the championship easily by winning from every category except AI programming in the ninth KAIST & POSTECH Science War, no one could know the result until the end and every student from both universities watched the game with nervousness.

Among the events, the most unpredictable competitions were the baseball and basketball games. Although POSTECH’s team stepped ahead at the beginning of the games, KAIST’s team soon followed closely behind in the score. The scores remained close throughout the games. However, the result of the games was rewarding to watch. While POSTECH was defeated in the baseball game, it won in the basketball. As POBBA, POSTECH’s basketball team, won the game, every POSTECH supporter shouted with joy as it directly determined the victory of overall competition. 

As a result, by dramatically getting the championship for the tenth Science War, POSTECH now has four consecutive victories in the POSTECH- KAIST Science War.