[Hot n Cold] of No. 29
[Hot n Cold] of No. 29
  • Reporter Jung Han-kyu
  • 승인 2011.09.06 12:39
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POSTECH members do not have to pay to enjoy futsal anymore. The futsal court has opened on Jul. 19, replacing one of the tennis courts. The place is so popular that one must reserve weeks in advance. It is also popular among sports clubs as well. Tachyons, baseball club, Kaiser and Eleven, and soccer clubs reserve the court to practice for the upcoming Science War in September. It even has several lighting posts because most Postechians can only play at night.


The new fitness complex POSPLEX looks nice from outside. However, the pricing and service terms have provoked controversy well before its opening. The fact that the students now have to pay membership fees to use the fitness center, which were free in the old gym, has become the most heated topic of the discussion. Another dissatisfying feature is the scheduling for free swimming. It makes many POSTECH members wonder if POSPLEX is really a school fitness center.

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