Stevens, Silicon Valley Is Not the Only Venture Town
Stevens, Silicon Valley Is Not the Only Venture Town
  • Reporter Kim Sung-hwan
  • 승인 2011.05.04 12:29
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▲ Dr. Ravache is having a conversation with a students.

On Apr. 19, Harold J. Raveche, a former president of Stevens Institute of Technology (SIT) had a lecture on the topic of ‘Academic Entrepreneurship & Innovation.’

SIT was introduced in The Business Week as a school which provides one of the strongest entrepreneurial backgrounds, producing more entrepreneurs than do Stanford or MIT. Dr. Ravache said that students in Stevens graduate with the ability to grow and launch companies.

During the lecture, he suggested students to break the boundary between research and marketplace. Also, he told students to understand the psychology of the venture capitalists. 

Lastly, he recommended the school to create the facilities to support the students’ ideas. One was to establish POSTECH Innovation as a virtual center to approve and support faculty to take on campus sabbatical to pursue transformational research and tech-transfer. And the other was to establish the POSTECH Angel Fund to seed pre-revenue startups and joint ventures. He said engagement of the successful alumni would be huge contribution.

Dr. Ravache, in each moment, tried to communicate with the audience, rather than to just speak unilaterally.

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