A Student Finds the Mechanism of Ferroelectric RAM
A Student Finds the Mechanism of Ferroelectric RAM
  • Reporter Lee Suh-young
  • 승인 2011.02.11 23:29
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A new mechanism of ferroelectric RAM(F-RAM), the major constituent of non-volatile memory (NVM), has been discovered by a POSTECH Master’s  degree student.
Min-Ae Ouk and Prof. Hyun M. Jang’s research team from the Department of Materials Science and Engineering expected InMnO3 might cause a new type of ferroelectric polarization and uncovered its mechanism. The results were published in Physical Review Letters, which is exceptional, considering that the research was conducted under the leadership of a Master’s student.
This research holds its significance in that by regulating polarization phenomena, a new type of non-volatile memory or sensors can be developed using the multiferroics materials, which has magnetic characteristics as well as ferroelectric characteristics. Previously, polarization phenomena were known to occur only when orbitals are empty so that cation and anion can get into the space, but this research revealed that when it comes to InMnO3, polarization phenomena can occur when orbitals are full.
This research will be applied to F-RAM semiconductors which do not lose data when power is shut off.