[Meeting ‘Special’ Graduating People] Graduation and Best Thesis Award Winner of Engineering, Kim Chul-Ju (MSE)
[Meeting ‘Special’ Graduating People] Graduation and Best Thesis Award Winner of Engineering, Kim Chul-Ju (MSE)
  • Reporter Kim Sung-hwan
  • 승인 2011.02.11 23:23
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What is the selected thesis about?
As optoelectronics have been highlighted for a future device technology, the light-matter interactions have attracted much interest. Particularly how novel optoelectrical properties are dependent on the device structures and materials at nanometer scale is a main research focus in the field of nano photonics.
The subject of thesis is local photodetection characteristics of Si1-xGex alloy nanowires which have very small diameters. Novel optoelectrical properties which are not seen in the bulk materials are often observed in semiconductor nanocrystals based on their unique geometries.
In these studies, we reported diameter and composition dependent photodetection characteristics within axially diameter modulated nanowire and energy band graded nanowire.

How did you start studying science?
I just liked math and science. I did not have much knowledge about the specific practices or trends in my major. In high school, physics was my favorite. Looking through the related fields, I looked a field with many applications that could actually provide something to people.

How were your undergrad and grad school lives?
In pursuit of the undergrad degree, I liked to meet people rather than studying so hard. Actually my room was like a safe house of my buddies. Studying is still important, but the point is that meeting various people in undergrad school is also important. Grad school is where you are professionalized. There is no extra time as you might have in undergrad. So I want the undergrad students to take their chances. To distinguish the two, I have the image of freedom in undergrad and the image of tightness and pressure in grad school.

Plan for the future?
First of all, I need to finish up the ongoing research project in my lab. After this I will probably go to the United States for a post-doc. I wish to do more research on other materials and applications.