[Adieu 2010!] Review of big and small events concerning POSTECH
[Adieu 2010!] Review of big and small events concerning POSTECH
  • Reporter Jung Han-kyu
  • 승인 2011.01.01 22:11
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Bilingual Campus
Raising Global Leaders

With much worry and expectation, POSTECH President Sunggi Baik officially declared the Bilingual Campus at the matriculation ceremony on Mar. 2. In order to stand among the world class universities and to raise global leaders, the Bilingual Campus began with a matriculation ceremony conducted in English. Not only will all of the lectures be delivered in English, but also will the administrative documents circulating among the departments. After a full academic year has passed, many changes have been implemented, such as school announcements uploaded in both Korean and English. However, a few kinks like delivering all lectures in English still remain to be ironed out.


Mobile Campus
Learning Without Time and Location Constraints 

Following the signing of an MOU with SK Telecom, POSTECH launched a plan for the Mobile Campus. It consists of building  a Wi-fi zone throughout the campus, distribution of free smart phones to POSTECH members, and developing groupware to promote learning without time and location constraints. Most POSTECH members have now received a Galaxy S, which is the model selected for distribution, and several school grounds are now free Wi-fi zones. With adopting the new cloud-computing system, POSTECH is implementing groupware development and other plans to utilize the smart phone, such as for attendance and as a checking card and student ID.


Ranked 28th in the World
Competing with the World Beyond Asia

The 2010-2011 World University Rankings by The Times of London and powered by Thomson-Reuters have ranked POSTECH 28th globally. Hailed as ‘truly world class’ by the Times, POSTECH is proud of such a splendid achievement, for no Korean university has ever been ranked within top 30 in the world. POSTECH scored high evenly in five categories-Teaching, International Mix, Industry Income, Research, and Citations. Especially, POSTECH received a perfect score in the Industry Income and 96.5 in the Citations categories. This proves that POSTECH is right on track en route to becoming one of the top 20 research-oriented universities in the world, which was merely proposed 4 years ago in POSTECH VISION 2020.


Three-peat in Science War 
3 Consecutive Wins in Science War

The Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology was no match for POSTECH in its effort to break its losing streak. Held on Sep. 17-18, and hosted by POSTECH this year, the Science War consisted of four athletic events and four science events. POSTECH dominated KAIST decisively by winning seven out of eight events. With three wins in a row, POSTECH will now keep the Science War flag permanently. The Science War first started in 2002 to promote exchanges between the two universities, and draw the public’s attention to science and technology. Next year, KAIST will host the Science War to compete for a new flag.