POSTECH, the Leader of Academy-Industry Cooperation
POSTECH, the Leader of Academy-Industry Cooperation
  • Reporter Kim Sung-hwan
  • 승인 2010.12.08 19:57
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In the latest ‘The Times Higher Education World University Rankings’ associated with Thomson-Reuters, POSTECH was ranked the 28th. As the beginning of the general introduction to POSTECH’s academy-industry cooperation activity, the elaboration on the industry income of the rankings will be the first.

There were five decision factors in scoring the individual colleges: teaching, international mix, citation, research, and finally industry income. POSTECH’s highest scores among these were citation at 96.5 and industry income at 100. Although industry income counts for 2.5% of total, the fact that POSTECH got 100 out of 100 is important in that it indicates how well the school has been doing in the area of the academy-industry cooperation and related projects.

▲ The graph indicates the annual changes in the amount of research funds from all sources including industry and government. (This is not related to the official data for the ranking)

In 2010 specifically, there was just one branch to the decision factor of the industry income part under the name of ‘Research Income from Industry per Academic.’ It measured the pure amount of research income the school acquired from industries or other commercials in forms of research or partnerships. The factor did not include other funding such as donations, investments or commercialization. POSTECH reported 42,957,000 KRW (37,900,000 USD) and 260 academic faculty members as the ‘Research Income from Industry per Academic.’ Also, The Times Higher Education and Thomson-Reuters “plan to supplement this category with additional indicators in the coming years.” This shows that the ratio of the industry income will continuously increase in future.

What is more is that the industry income might be only little to take 2.5% with just one factor in the element for now, but it will increase to three factors next year and take a more serious role in the ranking scoring.

Industry income is an element that shows the intensities of real life application and the university’s technology transference to society. POSTECH proved to be the country’s and moreover the world’s top class institution in techno-social contribution.