Two MSE Departments Meet for Annual Exchange
Two MSE Departments Meet for Annual Exchange
  • Reporter Kim Sung-Hwan
  • 승인 2010.10.13 23:38
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▲ Tohoku Univ. and POSTECH MSE students have assembled for academic exchange since 2001

On Sep. 30, a group of the Japanese students and professors walked out from Gimhae International Airport. Some of the POSTECH students from the Department of Material Science and Engineering (MSE) rode to the airport and escorted them to POSTECH. There was an academic exchange between the members of POSTECH MSE and those of Tohoku University.

After a good night sleep on the second day of the exchange in the POSCO international center, the participants of the two schools performed the three presentations - academic, industrial and cultural.

The exchange officially began in 2001. The primary purpose of the event was mainly the academic exchange between the students and the professors of the two schools. And forming the network between two of the best schools in East Asia is another purpose.

According to the director of the exchange, Young-moon Lee, a total of 66 people, 38 from POSTECH and 28 from Tohoku University participated in the event. The exchange was fully prepared by the pure efforts of the students. The participants took the above presentations seriously in that they spent two months to produce them and received the thorough reviews from the professors.

The rest of the day consisted of small activities in the campus and Pohang to tour around and experience the local culture. The participants spent the night playing games. And the day ended with few drinks of alcohol after the game. The last day involved a tour to Gyeongju and the departure back to Japan.

About the students of POSTECH, Seino Ryu, one of the Tohoku students, said, “POSTECH people were so active and easy to get along with, whereas Japanese people are so shy. I thank the kindness of POSTECH members.”
Miso Lee, one of the POSTECH participants, declared, “I will definitely go to Japan next year for the exchange.”

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