Scholastic Agreement Signed Between APCTP and Turkey’s ITAP
Scholastic Agreement Signed Between APCTP and Turkey’s ITAP
  • Reporter Shin Jae-kwang
  • 승인 2010.03.24 10:22
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The Asia Pacific Center for Theoretical Physics (APCTP) signed an agreement with the Institute of Theoretical and Applied Physics (ITAP) on scholastic exchange this March 8.

Executive Director of APCTP Professor Seunghwan Kim from the Department of Physics and Tugrul Hakioglu the ITAP agreed to exchange scientists of each facility, hold joint workshops and conduct international joint research.

ITAP is located in Turkey on the coast of the Mediterranean and was founded in 2006. Its investment in educating young minds is one of the outstanding facts about ITAP. “This would be a great opportunity for young scientists to exchange knowledge and bond Europe and Asia together,” said Peter Fulde of the APCTP.

APCTP is an international research institute for theoretical physics founded in 1996 and is now currently located at POSTECH.

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