IME Professor Kwang-Jae Kim Wins 2009 Best Paper Award
IME Professor Kwang-Jae Kim Wins 2009 Best Paper Award
  • Reporter Shin Jae-kwang
  • 승인 2010.02.17 14:45
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A research team led by professor Kwang-Jae Kim of the Department of Industrial and Management Engineering received the 2009 Best Paper Award from the Asia-Pacific Industrial Engineering and Management Systems (APIEMS) which was held in Kokura, Japan.

Professor Kim’s team collaborating with professor Hong Yoo-Suk of Seoul National University and professor Kwangtae Park of Korea University, caught great attention by proposing an Ideation Support System for Product-Service System Development.

The research team analyzed 90 cases related to Product-Service System s (PSS) to propose a system that will help companies to come up with innovative PSS ideas.

This paper is thought to be the foundation of PSS development research which currently is still in its early stage.

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