Let’s Make Global Friendship in English Clubs
Let’s Make Global Friendship in English Clubs
  • Jang Min-jae
  • 승인 2009.11.04 16:28
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People from all over the world need some interaction. The number of English users on campus has grown steadily since 2006 when the huge project ‘Vision 2020’ was launched. However, the opportunity for foreign students to know the culture of Korean students is scarce, except for the interactions in DICE, although that opportunity is one of the reasons for choosing POSTECH, which is a foreign university for Caucasian, Indian, and many other students from the whole world. There is a need to let them know what a Noraebang is, how all the spicy Korean food of Hyoja market tastes, what is a Korea PC-room, etc. But in most cases, foreign students do not have close Korean friends to be with. Now a bridge called English clubs will help you to meet some new Korean friends.

The English Clubs are open to everyone, including foreign and Korean students. Now the members of each English club are not that many. Also, it has been not that long since the clubs opened this semester. All clubs were recreated in this semester, and the earliest opened club has less than one month of history. So, now is the best time for participating in them! Like the old English proverb, ‘Two rather than one, three rather than two,’ the more people gather, the more fun there will be. If you want to join, look for the e-mail address on POVIS of the English professor who is sponsoring the club you are interested in, and let him or her know your interest. Then you will get the schedule of next meeting with great welcome.

English clubs are organized like this; The ‘Sports Through English’ club has Mr. Raymond Close as a sponsor, and had its first meeting on Oct. 17th at the gym. What this club does can be explained by what Mr. Close said, ‘Recruit your friends if they’re interested in learning how American students kill time between classes.’ They particularly focus on American football. ‘The Humor Club’ of this semester was established earlier than any other club, and is sponsored by Ms. Misty Dawn Carmichael. Until the last week of October, they held three meetings on every Thursday from 7pm to 8pm in Muenjae, and casually enjoy gag videos, funny sitcoms, etc. with snacks. The six students participating in it are looking  forward to newcomers. If you want to peep into the cultures of other countries, you can enjoy ‘The Intercultural Club’ of Mr. John Latzo. Their first meeting was on Oct. 28th, and will have meetings on Wednesdays from 4pm to 5pm. The number of members at the first meeting was around five, and they are also looking forward to hearing interesting stories from foreign students from around the world. Why don’t you share your own experience from your home country with other people? In addition, many other exciting clubs are waiting for you, including the English Discussion Club sponsored by Mr. Scott Steel. You can check out the 10 English clubs and their sponsors in the past POVIS notice.

If you are ready to join, please come. Let’s make global friendship this Fall!

Jang Min-jae / Undergraduate student of Chem. Eng.