Microscope: Wake up Start up! POSTECH Student Entrepreneurship Team
Microscope: Wake up Start up! POSTECH Student Entrepreneurship Team
  • Reporter Jeong Ye-ji
  • 승인 2024.03.21 15:05
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▲ Park, Yeongseop & Baek, Changwon from POSTECH Student Entrepreneurship Team (from left)
▲ Park, Yeongseop & Baek, Changwon from POSTECH Student Entrepreneurship Team (from left)

  POSTECH Student Entrepreneurship Team is an organization that enables Postechians to experience Startup. From invoking students’ ideas and passion to providing a chance to learn about management, this team strives to give students a profound experience.

When was the POSTECH Student Entrepreneurship Team established?

  The name of the organization has changed little by little, but it was newly established in 2019. Although there are diverse startup-related organizations in Korea, we are confident that ours is the unique association that only looks and works for students. Our organization never forces students to start a business. It pursues the spread of a startup culture on campus by taking charge of competitions such as start-up-related education, mentoring, and giving students the opportunities to try out their ideas. 

How are all these different projects possible financially?

  We spend about three billion won a year on these start-up programs. Although there is a certain subsidy from school, it is mostly carried out by the government funding, which we earn each time. It is one of our crucial jobs to obtain subsidies from the government. Where government support is available, we plan programs, present and bring it to place. 

Could you explain the various programs your team operates? 

  Yes, our work is mainly in four steps. The first step is motivation. There are open seminars like Tech Start-up Lunch Talk, ICF Monthly Forum, Start-up Networking day, and AWS Smart City Hackathon. Also, there are student participation activities such as Techathon and Fail Festival. The second step is understandment. Along with POSTECH Entrepreneurship, run by IME, there are Education for Training Entrepreneurship Capabilities, and JTBD Boot Camp. The third step is consolidation of the idea. One of the programs many students participate in is the Undergraduate Research Program (UGRP). If students want to materialize their idea, we let them join the Pohang Startup Club. Planning for the first time this year, after they join, we provide up to 2 million KRW per team and help create a minimum viable product (MVP). That is not all. We have constant mentoring programs along with Over Attractive Tech Start-up expeditions. The last step is supporting the growth of start-ups. We have programs like Investor Matching Day along with Support for Overseas Expansion. We are always open to students interested. So please pay attention to our activities!  

Lastly, is there anything you would like to say?

  POSTECH students are really talented students. It may have changed now, but there still seems to be a craving for getting a job in major companies. Though it may be my point of view, employment seems to be a bit more passive. I wish Postechians crave to be an employer, not an employee. I hope students go strong with self-direction. As a Postechian, wouldn’t it be nice to earn money while establishing a tech-company and returning the better to the society? I hope you Postechians can see and go for a bigger life. Thank you.