Postechian Column: Reflecting on the Lessons of 2023: Struggles to Strids
Postechian Column: Reflecting on the Lessons of 2023: Struggles to Strids
  • Paek Gyeong-rok (Mueunjae 23)
  • 승인 2024.02.29 12:06
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▲Paek Gyeong-rok (Mueunjae 23)
▲Paek Gyeong-rok (Mueunjae 23)



  Before delving into my journey of 2023 and its aftermath, it’s essential to paint a picture of the landscape that shaped my experiences. The high school years served as the foundational period where I first encountered the intersection of hard work and success. Here, I was introduced to the notion that diligent effort yields tangible results, particularly in academics. The classroom became my arena, where I honed my skills and witnessed the direct correlation between study habits and academic achievements. It was a time of growth and discovery, instilling in me the belief that perseverance is key to unlocking one’s potential.

  However, as the curtains closed on high school and I stepped into the realm of university, I found myself navigating uncharted waters. The transition marked a significant milestone, signaling not only a shift in the environment but also a departure from the familiar comforts of home. Suddenly, I was thrust into a world of newfound freedom and responsibility, where choices carried weight and consequences.

  In this new landscape, I encountered a pivotal juncture where the lessons of the past clashed with the allure of the present. The lure of leisure and the desire for instant gratification beckoned, tempting me to veer off course from the path of diligence and dedication. It was here, amidst the whirlwind of collegiate life, that I stumbled. My priorities became blurred, overshadowed by the pursuit of pleasure and the siren call of procrastination. Despite the warnings echoing in the recesses of my mind, I succumbed to the allure of temporary relief, convincing myself that I could defer the toils of academia for another day.

  Thus, 2023 unfolded as a year of reckoning, a testament to the consequences of neglect and complacency. As I reflect on those tumultuous months, I am reminded of the pivotal choices that shaped my journey and the repercussions that followed. Yet, amidst the shadows of regret and self-doubt, there emerged a glimmer of hope – a realization that adversity, no matter how daunting, can serve as a catalyst for growth and transformation. It is within this crucible of introspection and renewal that I find the courage to embark on a journey of redemption, determined to carve out a path of resilience and self-discovery in the year that lies ahead.

  As 2024 began, I found myself at a crucial moment, needing to make sense of my past mistakes and plan for the future. It was a time for deep thinking, where I had to figure out how to learn from what went wrong in the past. I realized that getting better does not mean avoiding tough times but facing them head-on and finding ways to improve from them.

  With this new understanding, I started a journey to discover more about myself and make positive changes. I decided not to let doubts hold me back but to see challenges as chances to grow. Drawing on what I learned from the tough times in 2023, I set out with determination to overcome obstacles and aim for personal success and happiness in the coming year.