Postechians’ Winter Vacation
Postechians’ Winter Vacation
  • Reporter Yang Seo-Yeon
  • 승인 2024.01.01 19:44
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▲Result of “Postechians’ Winter Vacation” survey
▲Result of “Postechians’ Winter Vacation” survey

  As the second semester of 2024 comes to an end on Dec. 26 and the winter vacation begins, many Postechians will be thinking about what activities to do during the two months of winter vacation. To help such students, this article introduces what activities Postechians are planning for winter vacation.
  From Nov. 27 to Dec. 5, the “Postechians’ Winter Vacation” questionnaire was taken, and 70 students responded. The question was, “What activities are you planning to do during the winter vacation?” The most common response was the seasonal semester (including ski camp) to which 33.7% of students responded. When asked why they decided to do the seasonal semester, they answered, “To fill my credits by giving up taking the course for the second semester,” “To fill my general education elective credits,” “To fill my credits in preparation for the next semester,” and “For graduation.” In the case of choosing the seasonal semester, POSTECH was the most common with 37.5% of the respondents asked which university they were taking the class, followed by Yonsei University with 33.3% and Seoul National University with 16.7%.
  The second most frequent response was travel, with 32.9% of students responding. As for the reasons for choosing to travel; “to spend time with my family,” “I want to travel alone,” and “I want to have time to rest”, were the most common responses.  Regarding travel destinations; Japan recorded the highest response rate with 54.5%, followed by Korea with 22.7% and the United States and Taiwan with 13.6%. In addition, various travel destinations such as Hawaii and Australia were mentioned.
  Research participation was the third highest response rate, and 27.1% of students responded. Regarding the responses to why they applied to participate in research, common replies were; “to gain experience in preparation for graduate school”, “because I want to obtain knowledge in related fields”, and “because I have to complete a graduation thesis”. In the case of choosing to participate in research, the Department of Computer Science and Engineering recorded the highest response rate with 35.3% when asked which department they applied to participate in the research, followed by the Department of Industrial Management Engineering, Life Sciences, Biomedical Sciences, and Chemical Engineering with 11.8%.
  In addition to the three activities mentioned above, various answers such as CES (15.7%), group activities on campus including Freshmen Orientation Advisory Committee and school clubs (11.4%), and intern programs (8.6%) came out. As for the internship program, 83.3% of the respondents said they applied for an internship through the winter SES program, and most of them said they were working as interns at Samsung Electronics.
  It was confirmed that many students planned to spend their winter vacation well. However, you do not have to be in a hurry because you have yet to plan. Those who answered “I do not have a plan yet” in the survey recorded the fifth highest response at 10%. So, it would be good to take some time to think about what activities you can do during your winter vacation through this article.