POSTECH Microscope: The POSTECH Counseling Center
POSTECH Microscope: The POSTECH Counseling Center
  • Reporter Lee Jin-ho
  • 승인 2023.11.07 20:21
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▲POSTECH Counseling Center
▲POSTECH Counseling Center

  The POSTECH Counseling Center, located on the second floor of the Mueunjae Memorial Hall, is always working hard to help students have a successful school life.


  What is the center’s establishment and its main purpose?
  The counseling center was established with the primary goal of assisting POSTECH students in resolving psychological difficulties they may encounter during their college journey. We are dedicated to facilitating their self-growth and preventing and supporting psychological crisis situations within the school.


  What does the center try to change the negative perceptions associated with students seeking support?
  We believe that the perception of counseling is evolving positively. Through the provision of psychological counseling in schools and public institutions and through media content that addresses psychological and emotional issues, accessibility and psychological distance have improved. We are actively promoting our services by emphasizing the specific help POSTECH students can receive from the counseling center and how to utilize it effectively. We also continuously enhance students’ satisfaction and accessibility to our services by improving counseling spaces and systems. Our aim is to provide a positive experience for users and those around them, and we are committed to delivering diverse and professional counseling and programs by strengthening our team's expertise.


 What are some specific help Postechians can receive at the counseling center?
  Students can always seek personal counseling and undergo psychological testing to gain self-understanding and address personal challenges. We also offer a more systematic approach by measuring stress levels using the autonomic nervous system during individual counseling. Additionally, we host various programs throughout the semester, including one-on-one career exploration, meditation, mind care campaigns, and surveys of new and current students. We conduct an annual fact-finding survey to better understand the characteristics, psychological states, and needs of our POSTECH students, allowing us to tailor our programs accordingly.


  Please share the future vision of the POSTECH Counseling Center.
  Our future vision is to continue working alongside POSTECH students to help them overcome the challenges they may face during their time at school and during adolescence. We understand that universities and society are evolving rapidly, and we are committed to becoming a reliable counseling center that can adapt to these changes. We have multiple counseling center windows open, so if you have any questions or feedback, please don't hesitate to reach out and leave a message. We are here to support you.