Postechian Column: A Place for Art-Loving Postechians
Postechian Column: A Place for Art-Loving Postechians
  • Lee Si-hyeong (PHYS 22)
  • 승인 2023.09.27 07:00
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Lee Si-hyeong  (PHYS 22)
Lee Si-hyeong (PHYS 22)

  After a challenging semester, you might feel proud and relieved, yet empty simultaneously. At that time, it is essential to find something to do with passion rather than just staying at home during the vacation.  The Korean National University of Arts (K-Arts)’s summer session brought me out of the lethargy of repose. The reason why I chose K-Arts among other universities was to gain knowledge in art, which I always desired when studying natural sciences. Also, I wanted to see others who work hard to be an artist, which was my dream during elementary school but has now subsided.
  K-Arts covers a variety of fields in the arts, including music, art, theater, and several others. K-Arts provides various classes such as “light and play space, understanding performances, and theater play”. Among those, I took a class called “Understanding Performance” by Professor Shin Yoon-ah. At first, I chose this class because it was admitted as a liberal arts course in POSTECH. However, after completing the current class, I received more value in fulfilling my lifes ideals, not just a class that provides a credit.
  The professor told us on the first day of the class that she wanted to create a class that helps us understand ourselves and find the right path for our lives. The class originally aimed to teach the definition of a play and how to analyze a play. However, in this 2023 summer semester class, we did not focus on analyzing plays but rather had time to mediate experiences and develop our humanity by peeping into the lives of characters in the play. In class, the professor made us think by substituting ourselves with the characters when analyzing the play. For example, she questioned me with a problem “What if I witnessed my best friend's girlfriend cheating on him before marriage? Should I decide to tell him the truth or not?” in class and helped me express my opinion. This question was about the theme of, “Is it always right to convey the truth?” while reading the play King Oedipus. It was an exciting class because there were discussions on love and other similar life themes. The professor always asked us what our ideal type was. This is not to say that we must date our ideal type but to tell us that it is crucial to know our preferences.
  Regarding seasonal semester course selections, accessibility to spend time around the campus is important. Unfortunately, there are few things to do near Dolgoji station, where K-Arts is located. There is a bowling alley in front of the station, but you need to walk more than two kilometers to get to a coin karaoke or PC room. Fortunately, there are many delicious restaurants near K-Arts. There is a restaurant with rice and vegetables nearby for students, and the Makgeolli restaurant near the main gate of K-Arts is fascinating. This restaurant is a favorite pick for Anupam Tripathi, an actor who played Ali Abdul in the squid game. I could not see him, but my friend said he saw the actor. Meeting an actor from the squid game, who enjoyed worldwide popularity, will be an excellent reason to come to K-Arts. In addition, as the class I took was “Understanding Performance”, I had a lot of opportunities to go to see the plays, and Hyehwa Station, where a lot of art galleries and movie theaters are gathered, was right next to K-Arts, so the accessibility of the theater was great. Accordingly, going to K-Arts for the seasonal semester course will be an excellent choice for those who are interested in theater. 
  I shared what I felt during the experience in K-Arts for a seasonal semester, and to sum up, I recommend taking K-Art's seasonal semester course if you want to feel artistic vibes and make friends from different fields. It was shocking for me coming to Seoul because it was so different from Pohang, and many exciting things may await you.