Malicious Comments – The Invisible Wounds­
Malicious Comments – The Invisible Wounds­
  • Reporter Kim Yu-jin
  • 승인 2023.06.15 08:56
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▲Poster expressing malicious comments as a gun / Hankook Press
▲Poster expressing malicious comments as a gun / Hankook Press

  In Korea, readers consume news written by a diverse press through a platform called portal. One feature of this portal is that readers interact with both the reporter and other readers through the comment section. But this is becoming hard to spot in many portals due to the takeover of malicious comments in the comment section. Now these internet trolls have shifted their target to SNS and online communities.
  Public figures like celebrities and sports stars are hesitant when defending themselves against 
internet trolls because their profession is based on the public’s recognition. These circumstances have driven many public 
figures to panic disorders, depression, and suicide. This is also true of the victims of large crimes or accidents. The most terrible part of being the target of malicious comments is that one has to bear the malice of an unknown majority all by oneself, making it difficult to bear.
  Too much damage has been done already, but thankfully the recognition of the seriousness of these comments is rising. There have been efforts made by portals such as Naver and Daum by bringing in AI for the automatic filtering of malicious comments. In addition, education about cyber bullying and malicious comments has increased, and there have been trials to promote an online real-name policy. 
  These efforts for preventing malicious comments are important, but what we need is an improvement in post support for the victims. We need to recognize the seriousness of what the victims go through, and actively support mental therapy to get the victims back on foot. Just because the wound is not visible, it does not mean that it is not there. The comments and the rage might have passed on, but the victim is left with many unhealed wounds and often, alone. As K-pop and K-Culture are spreading their influence worldwide, the awareness of the mental health of public figures must be enhanced. 
  The malicious comments are a relatively novel type of crime brought to us by the development of the internet. This is why the notion of malicious comments as a crime is not so strong in society. But non-visible wounds are the hardest ones to recover from, since they often have to be healed by oneself. We need to learn to feel the seriousness of this crime without causing any more pain suffering for those that are targeted.