Students Meet POSTECH President
Students Meet POSTECH President
  • Reporter Yim O-Jung
  • 승인 2022.12.10 01:34
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▲Meeting with the President
▲Meeting with the President

 On Nov. 12, the “Meeting with the President” was held at CHANGeUP GROUND. The event was open to all undergraduate, exchange, graduate students, and school faculty panels including President Moo Hwan Kim, the Director of Food Services, the Director of Housing Services, and other administrative staff attended. 
 “Meeting with the President” has marked its fourth anniversary this year since the event was first held in 2019 when President Kim took office. Until last year, the event was held online due to COVID-19, but it was held face-to-face this year thanks to eased regulations. “Our university has the opportunity to have a face-to-face conversation with the President, which other universities do not have,” the Student Affairs team explained. 
 The event began with a briefing by the Student Union on the changes that were made in POSTECH during this year. President Kim said, “The biggest change in POSTECH this year is to be able to exchange various opinions directly with students.” He added, “There will be many other changes next year, such as an increase of new students and the opening of the medical school, and I hope that these changes will have a positive impact on students' lives.” After, the President and the office directors answered questions from the students. 
 Under the theme of the dormitory and living environment, questions were raised about the additional expansion of single rooms in the dormitory. The President said that the actual demand for single and double rooms is almost the same and that POSTECH aims to allow students to choose single and double rooms according to their needs. He also said that the goal of living in the dormitory for all students is still valid and that he is considering building a single-room dormitory reflecting the increasing demand for dormitories. Next, a proposal was made to replace the old dryer facilities. The Director of Housing Services said, “We are aware of the inconvenience of students regarding the dryer facility and will replace the dryers with the latest models in December.”
 Regarding campus facilities, questions were raised about the “Log Cabin” remodeling plan. The President replied that Log Cabin’s remodeling is underway and that it will reopen next semester. The Wi-Fi issue in the Tae-Joon Park Library was also addressed. After confirming the budget expected to expand the AP (Access Point) infrastructure, the President replied that he would secure the budget and resolve it as soon as possible.
 In addition, under the theme of safety and transportation, the issue of scooters in schools was raised. The president replied that he would quickly expand the scooter parking facilities and has already completed the installation of the scooter parking as of Nov. 24. Additionally, active questions and answers were exchanged between the President and students on various topics such as classes and grading, student welfare, and the aging of university facilities. The event ended with the President's words, “This event, where I can communicate with students directly, was very beneficial, and I will hold such events often in the future.”
 In this year’s “Meeting with the President,” there was a constructive discussion on various pending issues along with the President’s will to enhance the university. After the event, President Kim told this paper, “POSTECH is not only about administration, but all school members make it together.” “Therefore, I ask students to present a lot of constructive ideas to advance POSTECH,” he added.