How to Get Out of Burnout Syndrome
How to Get Out of Burnout Syndrome
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Burnout syndrome refers to the symptom in which a person feels extreme physical and mental fatigue while taking on a certain job and loses the enthusiasm and sense of accomplishment that comes from the job. On May 25, 2019, the World Health Organization (WHO) classified burnout syndrome as a recognized medical problem related to work in the 11th International Classification of Diseases. This means that burnout syndrome can occur very frequently for modern people.
Burnout syndrome mainly affects people who set high goals and sprint within a short period of time. In addition, social factors such as short rest periods compared to long, intensive working hours can cause burnout syndrome. If you feel tired even after getting enough rest, feel lethargic no matter what you do, feel pressure and tension when starting something, or seek pleasure factors such as binge eating, drinking, and smoking to relieve stress, you should suspect burnout syndrome.
In my case, after the first semester of my freshman year at POSTECH, some symptoms of burnout came to me. I avoided going out, spent most of the day at home, especially in my bed, stayed up more and more nights, and was afraid of the upcoming school year. Anxiety that I wouldn’t be able to get good grades for the next semester had come over me, and I also doubted whether entering this university was the right path for me.
I would like to introduce how I was able to overcome burnout syndrome. Previously, I had an obsession with doing everything perfectly. I avoided the challenge itself if it seemed imperfect, and even if I took a challenge, I pushed myself to the limit by just trying to do it perfectly. This exhausted my stamina and mental strength. After realizing that nothing is absolutely perfect in this world, and that not everything can yield satisfactory results, I have become more accepting of the world. Also, not staying at home, going for a walk while listening to my favorite music, traveling with close friends, and creating hobbies such as taking photos made me a brighter person than before.
In order to overcome burnout syndrome, keep a work-life balance, find hobbies that you can fully immerse yourself in, do not skip meals, move your body when you feel depressed, and ask for help from those around you. Rest and hobbies give you the driving force to start the next task. A healthy diet acts as an antidepressant, and you can care for and love yourself by preparing meals for yourself. Moving your body releases endorphins that motivate you and help you think positively.
If you feel that life is exhausting and that you have lost your way, it is better not to avoid interacting with your loved ones, but to actively seek their support. Hanging out with people you like will help you overcome life’s insecurities. The people you love will never consider you are lacking when you meet a wall of hardship, because they know you’ve been working hard. So, put yourself down and take it easy.

Moon Yu Sun (EEE 20)