Mueunjae Students Select Major
Mueunjae Students Select Major
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▲Table of major selection results / Mueunjae Department
▲Table of major selection results / Mueunjae Department


Since 2018, undergraduate students at POSTECH freely choose their major in their third semester of university. Until then, they are assigned to the Mueunjae Department, which means “there are no boundaries in academics.” This allows students to take time studying a wide range of subjects before deciding their major.
The Mueunjae Department provides opportunities for Mueunjae students to explore among the school’s majors. They include the following: 1) the Exploring Majors course (MSUS101), 2) the Introduction to Major course for each major, 3) assignment of second academic advisor according to each student’s desired major, 4) STC (Science Technology Core) class, and 5) the Freshman Research Program course.
From May 25 to June 11, students of the Mueunjae Department selected their majors. Below is the result, published on June 15.
In the initial selection before enrollment of all matriculated students of 2020, 14 students selected MATH; 20 for PHYS; 15 for CHEM; 32 for LIFE; 24 for MSE; 38 for ME; 12 for IME; 53 for EEE; 51 for CSE; and 41 for CE. In the final selection, 17 chose MATH; 19 PHYS; 18 CHEM; 19 in LIFE; 13 in MSE; 20 in ME; 20 in IME; 50 in EEE; 55 in CSE; 35 in CE; and 36 students chose to defer their decision.
Among all the Mueunjae students who chose their major this spring semester (including students who were not of the Mueunjae 20), 17 finalized in MATH; 21 in PHYS; 18 in CHEM; 19 in LIFE; 13 in MSE; 20 in ME; 21 in IME; 52 in EEE; 57 in CSE; and 35 in CE. Three students deferred their decision and will remain as Mueunjae undergraduates for at least one semester until they decide their major.
Compared to the same period last year, the number of MATH, PHYS, LIFE, ME, IME, CSE, and CE majors increased, while the number of CHEM, MSE, and EEE majors decreased.
Among the students who chose their major this semester, those who wish to change majors now must wait for at least one semester until the major change application period between Feb. 7, 2022 and Feb. 18, 2022.
Students who have made their decisions will be enlisted to their chosen departments at the beginning of the fall semester.