Student Union: A Year’s Review and What’s to Come
Student Union: A Year’s Review and What’s to Come
  • reporter Yoon Seok-sang
  • 승인 2021.01.02 19:01
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▲The 2019 campaign poster of the POSTECH Happiness Lab
▲The 2019 campaign poster of the POSTECH Happiness Lab


Winter break is finally here after a long and certainly unusual year. As the year 2020 came to an end, the previous Senior Leadership’s term of office is now over. The previous leadership is considered to have done an adequate job by many Postechians, especially under the unforeseen circumstances of COVID-19 and online classes. A new Senior Leadership has been elected apart from the Student Union (SU); the role of the SU will temporarily be assumed by the Emergency Student Union Committee (ESUC). Regardless, The Postech Times wishes all the best for the new Senior Leadership members.

Retrospect: POSTECH Happiness Lab
The “POSTECH Happiness Lab”, consisting of Noh Jin-u (CE 14) and Lee Hyo-in (ME 17), served as the 34th SU in 2020. They pledged the following during their 2019 campaign: 1) perform maintenance of campus facilities, 2) improve diet and food quality, 3) expand companies hiring graduate students at job fairs, 4) support the settlement of a new curriculum, 5) expand the place of exchange and art, etc. However, as both semesters of 2020 were mostly held online due to an unprecedented pandemic, the SU had to make significant modifications to its agenda as most of them were canceled or rejected by the affiliated parties. Despite difficulties, plans that were not heavily tied to the academic calendar or the presence of students on campus, such as maintenance of facilities, were carried out or are said to be in progress.
All the campus events that the SU had planned were replaced with online ones on social media. This also led to the decision of not collecting SU membership fees for the fall semester as students could not reap the benefits properly. Online back-to-school events, best/worst timetable contest, POSTECH MBTI, lecture notes sharing contest, Halloween, etc. are a few examples that turned out to be a success.
The POSTECH Happiness Lab also carried out additional projects to compensate for the canceled ones. The most noticeable is that LMS (Learning Management System) has been renewed, and a new improved interface awaits students next semester.

The Emergency Student Union Committee
As no candidates registered for the Senior Leadership of the SU even after the extended registration period, an ESUC will be formed according to Section 6 Article 80-1 of the POSTECH Student Council Rules.
The ESUC will constitute of the presidents of the Student Club Union, Female Student Union (FSU), Dormitory Union, each specialized organization, each department (two members), and each class (two members). Members and chairman selection are planned for the first half of January.