As Ak-bo’s Concert Culminates
As Ak-bo’s Concert Culminates
  • Reporter Song Sung-chan
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▲Group Photo of Ak-bo Members
▲Group Photo of Ak-bo Members


Last year, Ak-bo, consisting of the president Lee Ho-hyeong and the vice president Choi Myeong-hwan, became the Student Union of POSTECH. Ak-bo had five main pledges: 1) perform, 2) lead, 3) tune, 4) foster, and 5) maintain. As Ak-bo’s term has ended and the ‘POSTECH Happiness Lab’ took over the Student Union, The Postech Times decided to look into Ak-bo’s pledges and find out which of those were carried out as promised.
As a part of the first pledge ‘perform’, Ak-bo planned to host events where the postechians themselves can create a new POSTECH culture. The events Ak-bo hosted consisted of ‘POSTECH FEST’ and ‘kkotbora-day’ (Flower-drift day) in march, ‘beojkkochgyobogje’ (cherry blossom school uniform day) and Before Sunrise in April, ‘ijeya malhaneunde’ (Finally Telling you) and ‘seongnyeon-ui nal’ (coming of age day) in May, and Chimmelier and Halloween Party in October.
The aim of the second pledge ‘lead’, was to make a student-leading POSTECH-Yonsei open campus. As a part of the ‘lead’, Ak-bo carried out the 2nd whY camp where postechians and Yonsei University students team up and give life advice and host occupation experience program for elementary students. The whY camp was carried out from August fifth to eighth at Yonsei University.
The third pledge ‘tune’ was aimed to make a campus where everyone is welcome and can feel secure. The four sub-pledges were 1) periodic hidden camera inspection, 2) bathroom door improvements, 3) promoting the establishment of human-rights center 4) expansion of the facilities for the handicapped. As of the first sub-pledge of the ‘tune’, there was no need for SU’s intervention in the hidden camera inspection because the university decided to carry out the inspection itself. After the university finished the inspection, the SU reported the result to the postechians that there is no problem related to hidden cameras at POSTECH. As of the bathroom doors, SU fixed the way the doors open at the Student Union building. However, for the establishment of the human-rights center, only the direction of the project has been decided and the project is passed onto the next SU. There was no progress in the expansion of the facilities for the handicapped as well.
As of the fourth main pledge ‘foster’, Ak-bo strived to create a more convenient campus for the students. To do so, Ak-bo planned to simplify the process of deduction of the medical expenses. Ak-bo successfully made it simpler by enabling the online reception of the deduction. It is as simple as scanning necessary files and emailing it in the correct format. Other sub-pledges include opening the classroom during the examination period, sharing classroom WiFi passwords, and making a more convenient library. Although the first two were successfully carried out, there was nothing done regarding the library.
As the last pledge ‘maintain’, Ak-bo aimed to create a maintainable student society by reducing unnecessary tasks among the student society and raise the value of the student union fee. To appreciate the value of the SU fee, the Ak-bo made contracts with nearby culinary stores for discounts towards SU members. Also, membership stickers were distributed to the SU members.
Ak-bo held a student feedback on Ak-bo’s projects, where students put stickers on projects that satisfied them. Some projects with a high number of stickers were Halloween party and Before Sunrise.