Institute of Communication and Public Discourse
Institute of Communication and Public Discourse
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▲Prof. Kim Min-jeong, the head of ICPD
▲Prof. Kim Min-jeong, the head of ICPD

Many Postechians might have seen Institute of Communication and Public Discourse (ICPD) on POVIS notice board. ICPD was established in the September of 2018 in order to enhance communication between POSTECH members, and to nurture Postechians who participate in discourse, small or big. Meaningful footsteps were made since then. In last semester, there were two noticeable events of ICPD. One was Essay Contest which was hosted with POSTECH Peace Institute. The other–2019 Debate Competition for DGIST, POSTECH, KAIST, UNIST, GIST students– drew much attention anomaly. Also, the 3rd web magazine will come out not long before.
The Postech Times interviewed the head of ICPD, professor Kim Min-jeong (HASS). Ultimately, ICPD tries to promote communication and close cooperation between various groups–diverse members of POSTECH, humanities scholars and STEM majored scholars, POSTECH and local community, etc. Prof. Kim said “Most of all, we are preparing a few education programs that will enable Postechians to grow ability to participate in social discourse in regard to science and technology. In this year, HASS (Humanities, Arts, and Social Science) professors of POSTECH, KAIST, UNIST, GIST, DGIST will gather for the symposium discussing the direction of HASS education. ICPD also plans a few programs for the students of STEM based majors to communicate and interact. 
On the Debate Competition, she emphasized the importance of debate and its educational effect. Last year’s Debate Competition was carried out to spread the understanding on the importance of debate and to ultimately grow student’s thinking skills and communication ability. It was milestone to root genuine ‘communication’ in POSTECH while many Postechians could experience the discourse themselves. Song Hyun-mi, who took the second prize in the Debate Competition stated “As a student of STEM field, it was a pleasure to be given an opportunity to think about unfamiliar but fresh topics. I learned and felt the things that are hard to experience in class.” 
There will be the second Debate Competition this year. ICPD will host this and let more universities to join the competition. Relevant research and discussion are in their way in ICPD already. Prof. Kim stated that not only experienced, proficient debaters but anyone who is willing to improve the debate skills are welcomed. Also, ICPD will provide those with debate education programs this year.
ICPD is also in charge of “Writing Clinic”, which offer one to one writing instruction to students. Prof. Kim asked, “Anyone who has the improvable writing or who wants relevant advices may reserve and visit the clinic. Rather than direct revision, one can have the meaningful time of discussing and figuring out the concern of the writer.” She added, “ICPD continuously focuses on the interaction with Postechians We look forward to Postechians' attention and participation” 

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