POSTECH AI Graduate School First Entrance Exam
POSTECH AI Graduate School First Entrance Exam
  • Reporter Park Hee-won
  • 승인 2020.01.05 18:15
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▲First recruitment announcement of POSTECH AI graduate school
▲First recruitment announcement of POSTECH AI graduate school


Ministry of Science and ICT selected five universities in Korea as an AI graduate school to cultivate an advanced workforce and to foster national competitiveness concerning AI. POSTECH was selected as an AI graduate school among KAIST, GIST, sungkyunkwan, and Korea university last year. A total of 24.5 billion KRW will be invested in the AI graduate school, 10 billion from POSTECH and others aided by the government, Pohang-si and many corporations. AI graduate school starts its first course in March 2020 with 3 tracks: MS, Ph.D. and integrated Ph.D. 50 students are selected each year; 30 for the MS program and 10 each for Ph.D. and integrated Ph.D. program. To accpet students for 2020 courses, POSTECH AI graduate school had its first entrance exam. MS, Ph.D. and integrated Ph.D. entrance exam in total showed 18.5% of admitting rate. The integrated Ph.D. program had an 11 to 1 competitive rate with a 9% admitting rate. Many eligible entrants applied although the registration of POSTECH AI graduate school was scheduled relatively late. POSTECH AI school gathered students after the registration of other selected AI graduate schools and many other graduate schools. Suh Young-joo (CSE), dean of AI graduate school stated “many students from prestige universities in Korea and leading overseas universities applied, reflecting a sensational social interest in the AI field. Considering that the purpose of the AI graduate school is to cultivate advanced workforce to lead the AI field worldwide, strict admission conditions were implemented to each applicant.” He also mentioned, “POSTECH AI graduate school will continue to strictly select its student in the future admission so that the school can reach our society’s need of AI advanced workforce.” POSTECH AI graduate school has drawn attention from the selection of the program as it has the best level of capabilities in Korea as well as highly experienced teachers in related fields in major areas of artificial intelligence such as computer vision, data mining, database, and natural language processing.

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