NINT Designated as National Facility
NINT Designated as National Facility
  • reporter Yoon Seok-sang
  • 승인 2020.01.05 18:14
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▲POSTECH National Institute for Nanomaterials Technology
▲POSTECH National Institute for Nanomaterials Technology


The POSTECH National Institute for Nanomaterials Technology (NINT) was selected as a national facility for semiconductor research by the Ministry of Science and ICT (MSIT) last October and was presented with the certificate of designation by MSIT minister Choi Ki-young on Dec. 11. NINT is expected to play a pivotal role as a highway that connects R&D and commercialization in the future.
NINT has been recognized for its achievements in integrating state-of-the-art research equipment, and continuously linking and supporting the industry, science, and technology for next-gen semiconductors and displays. Accordingly, NINT will receive state support according to the new regulations for national research infrastructures established by the MSIT on Oct. 16.
On Aug. 28, the government announced a plan to establish a 3N+R system to maximize R&D capabilities at the national level through strategies and measures in the fields of materials, components, and equipment in order to strengthen self-reliance in core technologies as a countermeasure to incidents such as Japan’s export regulations. National facility (N-Facility), along with N-LAB and N-TEAM, is one of the key pillars of 3N and will act as a testbed for the commercialization of core materials and components. The first designated agencies are six nanofab facilities that can provide emergency process support in semiconductor and display related fields. The MSIT is planning to expand the number of designated facilities.
President Cho Moo-hyun remarked that he is “content that NINT’s capability and performance have been recognized and the institute has been designated as a national research facility,” and promised to do his best and provide necessary support so that it can become a springboard for commercializing system semiconductors in the future.

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