STadium Held at POSTECH
STadium Held at POSTECH
  • Reporter Ryu Nu-ri
  • 승인 2019.12.05 12:47
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▲POBBA player trying to make a shoot
▲POBBA player trying to make a shoot


On Nov. 9, the third STadium was held at POSTECH. STadium is a friendly competition where students from POSTECH and other institutions of science and technology (DGIST, GIST, KAIST, and UNIST) compete and interact with each other through academic and athletic games. The event consists of a total of six sports games (soccer, baseball, table tennis, badminton, basketball, and E-sports), an academic festival (ALL:moST), busking booths, and celebratory performances. STadium is the first sports and cultural exchange event involving all five science and technology colleges.
This year, an academic festival was newly established to foster academic exchanges among the five universities. There was a naming contest for this new event and the name “ALL:moST” was chosen. The event proceeded in the format of FameLab, where each presenter gives a three-minute talk to inspire and educate a live audience about topics in science and technology. 
POSTECH made many advances in sports games and won the overall competition by winning basketball, baseball, and table tennis. All sports games were held in a tournament form except for table tennis. The POSTECH basketball team beat UNIST and proceeded to seize victory in the final game with KAIST by a score of 52 to 21. In baseball, POSTECH yet again beat UNIST and won the final against KAIST by a score of 3 to 1. POSTECH continued in sporting dominance and won the table tennis league championship. Our soccer team managed to get to the finals but unfortunately lost to UNIST by a score of 4 to 2. Lastly, DGIST won the badminton finals beating KAIST by a score of 4 to 3. By winning three games out of five, POSTECH secured its victory in the sports games on home-field.
During the sports competition and the academic festival, busking performances were held in front of Jigok Community Center. After all the sports and academic events ended, there were performances by bands and dance teams from the five universities. Through STadium, participants from the five science and technology universities were able to make academic and cultural exchanges and strengthen their friendships with each other.


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