Course Registration System Revised Starting 2020
Course Registration System Revised Starting 2020
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▲Office of Educational Affairs and Records
▲Office of Educational Affairs and Records


POSTECH announced on Nov. 6 at the Revised Course Registration and Domestic University Exchange Program Explanation Seminar that the course registration methods has been revised. The host of the seminar explained that the revisions were “planned for more than approximately three years along with the undergraduate student union, the professors of each department.” To prevent illegal course trading completely, POSTECH has applied the following changes:   

Preliminary Course Registration System
Starting from the 2020 Semester 1 Course Registration, the registration period is divided into 3 sections: the Preliminary Course Registration period, Course List Confirmation period, and the Course add/drop period. 
During the Preliminary Course Registration period, students can freely add desired courses in their preliminary course list and these added courses are later confirmed according to the class capacity and other conditions. However, the added courses cannot conflict in time when being added. Afterwards, the school uses student’s course selection as data to present to each department and each determines whether to confirm the registered students to each course or not. Confirmed courses will not be available during the course add/drop period. Non-confirmed courses will be available for students to re-register during the add/drop period. Each department may utilize the given data as feedback and decide to alter the capacity of lecture.         

Course Add/Drop Period Separated
From now on, the adding and dropping courses is separate. Students can only add courses during 8:00 A.M. to 12:00 P.M. and only delete courses during 1:00 P.M to 7:00 A.M.. However, on the last day of course add/drop period, the two time intervals are switched and conclusively, students can drop courses during 7:00 A.M. to 12:00 P.M and add courses during 1:00 P.M. to 6:00 P.M..

Preliminary Course Registration List
The courses added during the Preliminary Course Registration Period are preserved. A new option “Preliminary Course List” is added along to the existing search options. When selected, the courses selected during preliminary period are displayed and students may simply add courses from the existing list, saving the effort of searching each and every course during registration period. 
Shortened Course Registration Confirmation Period
Until now, POSTECH offered approximately 10 days for students to reconsider their semester schedules. However, many professors complained that it is difficult to work with a volatile number of students. To meet such needs, the Course Registration period will be shortened to approximately one week- just enough for students to partake in 2 lectures. 

Application of the Queue System
During the last semester’s course registration, the system server malfunctioned, causing nuisance for many students. Many students suspected the usage of illegal macro programs for an advantage in registration. To prevent the system from such burdensome task, a queue system will be applied to the registration system. From now on, “the number of simultaneous logins will be controlled” and access will be given sequentially specifically when user clicks on the “add” or “search” button. The number of waiting users will also be displayed when waiting for access.