POSTECH Ranked First in the 2019 University Rankings
POSTECH Ranked First in the 2019 University Rankings
  • Reporter Park Hee-won
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▲Flag of POSTECH and Student Union Hall
▲Flag of POSTECH and Student Union Hall


POSTECH ranked first in both natural sciences and engineering in the 2019 JoongAng Ilbo University Rankings according to the news agency’s announcement on Nov. 16. POSTECH excelled in the areas of student start-up and technology transfer. Since 2017, POSTECH has markedly outperformed other Korean universities in technology transfer revenue, industry-academic research cooperation, and inventions and patents.
In particular, JoongAng Ilbo highlighted POSTECH’s support for student start-ups in detail through the medical device company “MiDAS H & T,” founded by Chang Se-yun, an alumnus of POSTECH’s department of materials science and engineering. Chang developed a pressure sensor for patients who suffer from bed sores with the help from both Professor Jeong Un-yong (MSE) and POSTECH who provided him with 100 million KRW over four years and a laboratory space. In his interview, Chang stated, “Thanks to the school, I was able to study and start my company as much as I wanted.”
Like Chang’s case, POSTECH is putting in much effort into supporting student start-ups through initiatives like start-up fund for every student and many others. In the areas of professor’s research, revenue from technology transfers to companies was robust, amounting to more than 32 million KRW per professor in the recent three years.
POSTECH has promoted student start-ups by establishing an entrepreneurship minor and launching support organizations such as APGC-Lab in partnership with the Association of POSTECH Grown Companies (APGC), an association of companies founded by POSTECH alumni.
The annual JoongAng Ilbo University Rankings is divided into the comprehensive and field-specific rankings. POSTECH, a science and engineering school, is evaluated in the field-specific rankings only.


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