Guamegi Startup Competition Held
Guamegi Startup Competition Held
  • Reporter Kim Seo-yeon
  • 승인 2019.12.05 12:44
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▲Kim Seong-jong (MSE M.S. Candidate) of the winning ‘For Cat Mung’ team
▲Kim Seong-jong (MSE M.S. Candidate) of the winning ‘For Cat Mung’ team


On Nov. 11, POSTECH’s Research and Business Development Foundation (PRBDF) held a Guamegi startup competition in the C5 Conference Hall. The competition is a speech contest where the participants explain their startup business models that they developed over a period of two months. Ten teams entered the contest, and each was given 10 minutes to explain their business model and five minutes for a Q&A. Judged by real entrepreneurs and businessmen, the winning team was ‘For Cat Mung’ — composed of Han Hye-hyeon (MSE M.S. Candidate) and Kim Seong-jong (MSE M.S. Candidate) — who explained their ambition to invent allergy-test kits for domestic cats and dogs. They were rewarded with 5 million KRW to use on further developing their business model and granted the qualification to partake in an overseas startup competition. The second and third team received 1.5 million KRW each, and the following two teams received 500 thousand KRW each. For the audience, there was a raffle awarding a MacBook, an iPad, and six AirPods.
The Guamegi startup competition is part of the Guamegi startup expedition program, a program that helps POSTECH members develop their creative ideas and technologies into realistic business models. The long-term startup program runs from September to November, selecting good entrepreneurial ideas from applicants and developing them into realistic business models through consultations with professional mentors and the Guamegi startup camp. Finally, the participants present their startup business models at the Guamegi startup competition, and the top five teams receive both monetary and commercialization support to further develop their ideas.


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