Rally for Hong Kong Protests in Korea
Rally for Hong Kong Protests in Korea
  • Reporter Lee Mi-yeon
  • 승인 2019.12.05 12:40
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▲A group of Koreans and Hong Kong expatriate rally
▲A group of Koreans and Hong Kong expatriate rally


People who support Hong Kong’s pro-democracy protest, mostly Koreans and Hong Kong expatriates, marched down the streets of Hongdae, in Seoul, on Nov. 9. 
About 50 people, many wearing yellow helmets and goggles like the ones used in the Hong Kong protests, chanted “Fight for freedom” and “Stand with Hong Kong” as they urged Korean onlookers to pay attention to the political turmoil. 
The group, Organization of Citizens who support Hong Kong Democracy, urged the Hong Kong and Chinese governments to end their national violence against Hong Kong protesters. They also called on the Korean government to issue an official statement about Beijing’s human rights violations.
Around the same time, at a nearby location in Hongdae, a separate group mostly composed of Chinese students studying in Korea rallied against the Hong Kong pro-democracy movement, chanting “One China.” No physical clashes occurred between the two groups.
The demonstration in Hong Kong kicked off in March to protest a local bill that sought to make it possible to extradite Hong Kong residents and visitors suspected of crimes to mainland China. Hongkongers fear to be subjected to the Chinese system where certain rights to freedom are restricted. Over the last few months, police violence against protesters has escalated. Earlier this month, a Hong Kong college student died, and another young protester who was shot in the torso by police remains in critical condition.
There are some parallels between the current situation in Hong Kong and South Korea’s past struggles for democracy. Moving forward, many Hongkongers said that what they need more than anything is the knowledge that they are not alone in the fight.