The 5th "Introducing My Research" Held
The 5th "Introducing My Research" Held
  • Reporter Chae Seung-hyun
  • 승인 2019.12.05 12:39
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▲A contestant giving an introduction on his research field
▲A contestant giving an introduction on his research field


On Nov. 27, 2019, the 5th "Introducing My Research" (IMR) took place. Just like last year’s IMR, it was held from 5:00 P.M.  to 7:00 P.M. at the C5 Conference Hall. IMR, previously named the ‘Postech FameLab’ is a science communication competition. Contestants are given three minutes without presentation equipment to introduce their field of study to non-experts, and four minutes for Q&A with the judges. As can be induced from its original name, IMR was inspired by FameLab, a British science communication competition, that is run under the consent of the British Council and KOFAC (Foundation for the Advancement of Science and Creativity). One noteworthy difference from the previous IMR was that this was the first year in which English was allowed.
The IMR was divided into three sessions. It first started with a talk from the writer Kim Do-yoon —pen name Galois— called ‘Brazenly Drawing Science Cartoons.’ After the opening talk, seven students gave their three-minute research introduction and were judged by Kim Do-yoon, Professor Kim Ki-heung (HSS), and Bu Ga-yun (PHYS, Ph.D. Integrated), the last year’s IMR winner. Each judge judged the introduction with standards of; whether it is understandable to undergraduates, how easily it can be understood by non-experts, and whether or not you want to partake in the introduced research yourself.
This year’s winner was John Park (IBB, MS-Ph.D), who gave a talk about bacteria and its interaction with humans’ immune systems. Out of the seven contestants, John was the only one who presented in English. When asked about winning the IMR, he replied, “It is quite unexpected. Actually, this is the first year that they said that this will be bilingual in English, so I did not expect this kind of result, but I am really thankful for this opportunity, and it was really fun. Again, I really enjoyed this opportunity to prepare and share with you guys, so in the future, I hope, we can have more events where all members can participate. Thank you.”
After the three-minute introductions, there was a poster session with the audiences. The posters contained each contestants’ presentation content and everyone could walk around freely to look at them. Each of them was given two post-it notes on which they could write their questions concerning the just previously introduced research. Then they could post them on the corresponding poster. After everyone has posted, the presenters chose three post-its and answered the questions on it. This session was provided due to there being a limited amount of time for Q&A the last time.
Last was the award ceremony and the lottery session. According to the judges’ score, awards were given out, and additionally unrelated judges score, popularity award was given to the presenter who received the most post-it notes. Then audiences whose notes were chosen by the presenter were rewarded prizes such as iPad and AirPods. Some of the preregistered audiences also won prizes such as AirPods and air fryers.


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