Spend the Night with Books
Spend the Night with Books
  • reporter Kim Min-gyu
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▲“Night with books” participants
▲“Night with books” participants


From Nov. 15 to Nov. 16, the “Night with books” event was held in the Tae-joon Park Digital Library. The Korean name for the event, “Chaekbam”, is a short word for “Night with books”. As the name indicates, the event was scheduled through the night from 11:30 P.M. to 7:30 A.M.. The program was prepared and hosted by POSTECH’s library council LAON in hopes of providing participants a chance to get away from the daily routine to read books, chat, and make memories while participating in various programs.
The event consisted of seven programs; the “Find book mission”, crosswords, writing an acrostic poem, making bookmarks, reading books, and watching a movie. Completing each program grants participants a sticker, which, in the end, was used for selecting prizes. It took place in Tae-joon Park Digital Library. An activity room, snack room, and a sleeping room were prepared on the 3rd floor, in the rented Group Study Room. The activity room was where the program proceeded. The snack room was for participants to rest and fill up. In case participants were too tired and sleepy, the sleeping rooms, which were separated by gender, were also prepared. 
The first program, “Find book mission”, took place right after the brief orientation. The “Find book mission” was an activity where each participant was asked to find a character on the specified line of the page of a given book. Finding and arranging the characters in order, participants could discover the final questions and answer to accomplish the mission. From five different book lists, the first to answer the final question on each list was awarded a prize. The event continued to the next activity, crosswords and an acrostic poem. Crosswords themed various subjects from renowned literature and famous writers to the names of LAON members’. An acrostic poem program handed out various words for the topic. Participants could freely select the words and write an acrostic poem about any subject. Written poems were shown to the other participants to vote for the best three poems and were also given an award. The bookmark and puzzle program followed. Participants designed their bookmarks with dried flowers and a piece of paper. The puzzle was The Night Café of Vincent van Gogh. LAON members put together puzzles beforehand to divide it into sections which were then dismantled and distributed to each participant. The finished puzzle was sent and kept in the LAON office. The Reading activity where participants read books, rested, and chat were scheduled before and after the bookmark and puzzle activities. Though the movie could not be played due to technical issues, the schedule was on time. The “Night with books” event ended with the prize draw. Each participant had breakfast provided by the LAON and had their name picked from the box for the prize. There were blankets, school bags, doll hand warmers, and witty prizes like truffle oil. Everyone received something as the number of prizes was higher than the number of participants.
“Night with books” is an annual event hosted by LAON as a part of their library culture event. It usually takes place in November and provides a great chance to make new friends and win prizes. 


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