Postechian’s Pick : The Pursuit of Happiness
Postechian’s Pick : The Pursuit of Happiness
  • Reporter Song Sung-chan
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▲The Pursuit of Happiness
▲The Pursuit of Happiness


For those who are going through rough times in their lives, The Postech Times recommends ‘The Pursuit of Happiness’ for motivation and encouragement. The film is biography based on true story about a salesman struggling to take care of his son and pursue a career of which he always dreamed.

Christopher Gardner, in hopes of making a fortune, put all-in in a device called a “bone density scanner”. However, the device turns out to be slightly better than X-ray for twice the price, and finding a doctor who wants the device was a challenge. Because he invested everything into the machine, the only way to make a living was to sell the scanner; one device was equivalent to a month of living expenses. However, Gardner could not sell the scanner for months. As a result, he loses his apartment and his wife leaves him. Having to take care of his son alone, he runs around the town to sell the scanner while concurrently interning as a stockbroker, hoping to make more money in the future. Because the firm does not pay its interns and only one out of 20 interns gets a chance to advance to a paid stockbroker, Gardner struggles to study hard and sell stocks, while also selling the devices; he has to do what other interns do in nine hours, in just six hours in order to not only sell the scanner but also to get into the apartment for the homeless. No matter how frustrating the adversities in front of him looked, no matter how hopeless his situation looked, Gardner did not give up for his son and his dream and the movie ended happily with his tears of happiness.

The message in this film is clear: no matter how devastating the situation is, anyone can become happy by not quitting. After losing everything, Christopher Gardner cries in silence in the subway restroom at night, trying desperately to keep his son sleeping by covering his ears and blocking the door while someone tries to enter the restroom. In such horrible situation, there was one thing that kept him going: His son. For his son, he was always on-the-run and had to do whatever it took to sell the scanners while working at one of busiest companies. 
This film made me realize how much one can achieve if one truly strives for it no matter how hopeless one’s situation is. As everyone pursues his dreams or career, there will be obstacles. Those obstacles may be so devastating that it might stop him from striving towards his goal, which will make him happy. Upon facing the obstacles, one might think that one does not deserve happiness. When that moment comes, remember The Pursuit of Happiness. Gardner underwent some situations so suffocating that others cannot even imagine how he managed to become a successful billionaire stockbroker he is now. Remember that the film is based on true story and that it is the evidence that anyone can overcome the difficulties and find the happiness of his life.

A very touching film. Will Smith’s acting allows audience to sympathize with Gardner throughout the film. At the end of the film, audience will feel empowered to keep striving for their dreams.