Thermally Stable Organic Solar Cell Under Extreme Condition
Thermally Stable Organic Solar Cell Under Extreme Condition
  • Reporter Park Hee-won
  • 승인 2019.10.18 15:16
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▲Prof. Park Tai-ho (CE)
▲Prof. Park Tai-ho (CE)


Organic solar cells have the problem of significantly decreasing power generation when the temperature of the panels rises due to solar heat. Professor Park Tai-ho (CE) and his research team will be able to replace silicon solar cells by developing organic solar cells that use ultraviolet (UV) light and food additives to control thermal efficiency even in extreme environments such as deserts.
The research team created an organic solar battery with high thermal stability through ultraviolet bridge combination. The research result draws attention as it was published as a cover of Advanced Energy Materials.
Organic solar cell manufacturing processes have relied on spin-coating technology using chlorinated solvents. These solvents are highly toxic, and there have been concerns that they could adversely affect the environment. For this reason, organic solar cells have been manufactured only at the laboratory level so far. To remove toxic substances from the manufacturing process, the team used a two-methylanisol, which is also used as a food additive that improves solubility using asymmetric structures. This method uses non-toxic solvents, so it is eco-friendly and suitable for mass production. Even under extreme conditions such as deserts, the loss of efficiency by heat and light was dramatically reduced.

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