18th PKSW Victory Celebration Ceremony
18th PKSW Victory Celebration Ceremony
  • Reporter Park Hee-won
  • 승인 2019.10.18 15:14
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▲Lots of people gathered in Jigok Center for the ceremony
▲Lots of people gathered in Jigok Center for the ceremony


Postech-Kaist Science War (PKSW) disbandment and victory celebration ceremony took place on Oct. 1. The ceremony was supposed to be held in front of Auditorium, but it took place in Jigok Center due to the rain. The 18th PKSW from Sept. 20 to 21 was a complete victory of POSTECH, 5 to 2. This ceremony was to appreciate the hard works of PKSW Preparatory Committee, each representative team, and Cheero. It is called “Chicken Party”. The entire first and second floor of Jigok Center was full of 2,000 enthusiastic students.
President Moo Hwan Kim promised a special winning gift to Postechians at eve PKSW ceremony. This year many presents including i-Pad, AirPods, meal plan ticket, Ponix doll, and coach jacket were handed out by casting lots throughout the ceremony. Chief of PKSW Preparatory Committee passed the winning flag to President Moo Hwan Kim. The winning flag is presented in the center of Student Union Hall for about three weeks along with  the winning trophy before going to the President’s office. 
Foundation chairman and President gave a congratulatory message. Encouragement money delivery to winning representative team followed. Dean of Admissions and Student Affairs and chief of PKSW Preparatory Committee proposed a toast then the celebration ceremony began. After playing the video about 18th PKSW from PBS, everyone enjoyed Cheero’s cheerleading. Clubs such as P-funk and Ctrl-D gave performances that brightened up the mood. 
The host commented, “It was such an honor to be the host for the event to celebrate POSTECH’s victory with all Postechians. I want to give a big hand again for all people who perspired for the PKSW, and expect another victory in the upcoming PKSW.”

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