POSTECH-KAIST Science War Eve Festival
POSTECH-KAIST Science War Eve Festival
  • Reporter Song Sung-chan
  • 승인 2019.09.27 10:40
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▲Cheero cheerleaders at the eve festival
▲Cheero cheerleaders at the eve festival

On Sept. 19, the POSTECH-KAIST Science War (PKSW) eve festival was held in the auditorium. The festival started a little past 7 P.M. but there was a distribution of supporters’ items, including cheering tools, water bottles, T-shirts and more, from 6:30 P.M. in front of the auditorium. There was a long waiting line for the items and the first 500 supporters were given the items. Inside the auditorium, there were two hosts on the stage and teams for each competition and supporters in their seats.
The science war started in 2002 and the year 2019 marks the 18th PKSW. The hosts introduced that up to 2018 science war, POSTECH has won seven times and KAIST has won nine times and that there are seven different competitions in the science war including football, basketball, baseball, E-sports, science quiz, hacking, and A.I.
Each squads were introduced one by one. The first four teams were the teams that compete on the first day of the science war. The leader of the hacking squad spoke of the team’s aspiration that it will quietly take victory. Then, the football team came up and introduced themselves. The third team was the AI squad. The team informed the crowed that the AI team has been winning three years in a row and that it will not break the record. The E-sports team went up to the stage next and notified its 75%-win rate in the past four years and announced that the team will teach KAIST its place.The following teams competed on the second day. The fifth team was baseball team. The team held a special event in which an audience who correctly answered a question about the team got the restaurant coupon. The next team, science quiz squad, also held an event where an audience who correctly answered a quiz that the team prepared got a coupon. The last team was basketball squad. Then, there was the announcement of the winners of ‘Nth Register’, which was an event where supporters who enrolled as Nth register were given prizes.
After the introduction of each team, there was performance by CHEERO, a POSTECH cheering squad. Then, the President Moo Hwan Kim and the dean of students Kim Jong-kyu visited the festival to deliver congratulatory messages. President Kim asked the teams to fight with the best of their abilities and told the supporters that losing at cheering is not an option. After the congratulatory message, there was an announcement of ‘Nth Visitor’ by the President Kim. The “Nth Visitor” was an event that gived goods to a chosen Nth visitor who entered the eve ceremony. After, the dean of students went up the stairs and also gave a congratulatory address and told the audience that he will cheer as one of the Postechian.
CHEERO resumed its performance after the congratulatory message. When CHEERO finished its performances, there was a special joint performance by CTRL-D and CHEERO. The eve festival ended around 10 P.M. and the POSTEHC-KAIST Science War officially started the next day.

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