POSTECH of the Glory Realized at 18th PKSW
POSTECH of the Glory Realized at 18th PKSW
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▲Opening ceremony held at KAIST open-air theater
▲Opening ceremony held at KAIST open-air theater


On Sept. 20, the 18th POSTECH-KAIST Science War (PKSW) marked its start with the opening ceremony held at KAIST open-air theater. Many Postechians visited KAIST to support the POSTECH teams and to experience POSTECH spirit in PKSW. The opening ceremony proceeded with the performance from POSTECH’s cheerleading team CHEERO and KAIST’s ELKA. PKSW was scheduled for two days. Football, AI, Hacking, and E-sports took place on the first day and baseball, science quiz, and basketball was held on the second day.   

POSTECH Destroys KAIST in Penalty Shootout

▲Tachyons celebrating victory
▲Ko Dong-u (ME 15), who made the leadin goal 


POSTECH triumphs over KAIST after the defending champions missed three out of four penalties in the penalty shoot-out, claiming victory in the opening football match of the PKSW.
The match started with an outstanding diving free-kick save by the POSTECH keeper Baek Jin-woo (MSE 18) in the first minute. POSTECH heavily pressed the opposition in the defensive half and readily initiated counterattacks; KAIST distributed long passes to take advantage of their aerial abilities. Both sides created several chances throughout the game; however, both goalkeepers put on a solid performance to keep the ball out of the net.
The opener was scored by POSTECH in the 37th minute. POSTECH’s Ka Jong-hyeun (EEE 15) intercepted the ball and connected it to captain Lee Dong-hyun (ME 15), who then made a pass to Ko Dong-u (ME 15). After dribbling past two defenders, Ko cut inside and curled the ball into the bottom right corner.
POSTECH maintained the 1-0 lead until the last minute of the second half; just at the brink of victory, KAIST managed to head the ball in from a free-kick and the game proceeded to extra time. Without any goals, the match then went on to penalty shoot-outs. KAIST missed the first penalty, POSTECH keeper Baek saved the third, and the fourth hit the crossbar. POSTECH scored all penalties, and the game ended with a score of 3 to 1.
After the victory, POSTECH captain Lee remarked, “I want to thank all the supporters who cheered for us. It is truly a thrilling experience, and I would like to thank the players for giving their best on the pitch.” During an interview, he also requested that all players be acknowledged, whether they played or not. “They willingly gave up their summer vacation to participate in the practice sessions and worked hard to help the team. It would be great if people encouraged them even if they could not play in the match.”

Triumph on a Baseball Game in Five Years

▲Tachyons celebrating victory
▲Tachyons celebrating victory


On Sept. 22, PKSW continued to its second day, starting with baseball. Although the first day of PKSW had ended very closely, POSTECH and KAIST scoring two points each, POSTECH’s baseball team Tachyons took victory against KAIST, breaking the 2019 PKSW tie and lifting POSTECH’s spirit.
POSTECH recorded consecutive defeats in baseball since 2015. Last year’s game ended with KAIST’s reversal, and it seemed like Tachyons was in its slump. But this year was different. POSTECH led the overall game, shaking off the four years of the sorrow of defeats.
The game took off with Tachyons’ offense. In the first inning, POSTECH scored two points and had its smooth start, but then gave KAIST five points by allowing uninterrupted hits. The second inning ended with each team scoring no points. POSTECH pitcher Kim Chi-seong (IME 17) pitched calmly, achieving strikeouts, even in the difficult circumstances. Under the low atmosphere in the team POSTECH, the third inning started. POSTECH had an early pop-up out, but then Choi Gyu-min (MATH 16) scored a point with an unbelievable solo home run, turning the tide of the game. POSTECH’s batters used the opportunity well; as KAIST’s pitcher flapped, allowing walks and hits, well-timed steals and well-flown hits brought two additional batters home, scoring three points and managing to call a tie. The third inning bottom, offense by KAIST to make up their loss was stopped by Tachyons’ defense.
In the fourth inning, POSTECH had another point by the sacrifice fly, reversing the lead. POSTECH’s defense in the fourth inning was spectacular, allowing no points for KAIST and catching two pop-ups in a row and an additional out in the first base. POSTECH stamped its victory in the fifth inning, scoring three points total, one from the push by four ball and the other two from the POSTECH batter Choi Gyu-min’s hits connecting to shortstop miss, providing the opportunity for the quick batters run to the home. The batters of KAIST tried hard to the last moment but was not able to score under the stable throw from the Pitcher Lee Jin-hyun (MSE 17). The game ended with the score 9 to 5, POSTECH’s victory. 
 After the satisfying game, The Postech Times interviewed the team leader of Tachyons, Baek Seung-han (EEE 13). He expressed his elated feelings as Tachyons was able to play to their fullest and cut the series of defeats. He gave thanks to the defenses as they did not make a mistake, commenting that they heavily helped the team. He also mentioned Choi Gyu-min for his huge role in the game, including his rare home run. 
For this year’s PKSW, Tachyons’ members worked diligently throughout their three weeks of summer training, getting up before sunrise and training at least five hours a day. Despite their repeated defeats for four years, Tachyons did not give up and continued to work hard for the match like the 2019 PKSW baseball game. POSTECH, thanks to Tachyons, was able to have another valuable victory.

POSTECH’s Victory in Basketball Game, Beating KAIST

▲Excited basketball players at Sports Complex, KAIST
▲Excited basketball players at Sports Complex, KAIST


The end of PKSW was decorated with a basketball game. The victory in the science quiz earlier confirmed POSTECH’s victory in the PKSW, and the atmosphere on the side of POSTECH was very hot. 
In the case of the basketball game of PKSW, from 2012, each POSTECH and KAIST had won the game when it was held in their home ground, so the basketball team was longing for victory in this away game. Leader of the basketball team, Song Min-jae (CE 17) said “We hadn’t won the away game since 2011. We will win the away game with the energy of victory of the last year’s basketball game.”
The first quarter started with POSTECH’s offense. POSTECH first scored with Ju Bong-jo (CSE 10)’s rapid infiltrate and lay up shoot. However, KAIST’s three points shot disorganized POSTECH’s defense for a moment and the score widened to 4 to 15 points. But after scoring in a free throw, players regained confidence and continued to score with Ju Bong-ju in the center. Defending POSTECH’s powerful offense, KAIST players committed some fouls so free throw was given to POSTECH. POSTECH did not miss this opportunity and calmly succeeded to score. The early score gap gradually narrowed and the first quarter ended by eight points. 
In the second quarter, players showed more confidence and thorough play. POSTECH started to score with Ju Bong-jo’s shoot under the hoop. KAIST’s defense was focused on Ju Bong-jo, so other players continuously infiltrated into a defenseless area and scored points. Continuous offense brought the energy to POSTECH, and Kim Woo-chan (IME 17)’s three points shot made turnaround. Finally, the second quarter was finished with points 39 to 33, POSTECH’s turnaround. 
After a 15-minute break, the third quarter started. KAIST players made fierce attacks to get points again gap close to 41 to 39. However, with Lee Jae-yoon (CE 18)’s super play, POSTECH recovered power and widened its score. POSTECH ended the third quarter gaining 15 points while KAIST gained 11 points. The quarter ended 54 to 44.
In the last quarter, POSTECH players had done their best to seal the victory. POSTECH showed great lay up shoots that continued to score. Finally, the basketball game ended with points 67 to 60, the victory of POSTECH, beating KAIST.
After the game ended, The Postech Times interviewed Song Min-jae, the captain of POSTECH basketball team, POBBA. He said, “We feel the best now because it is like a reward for summer vacation basketball training.” Answering to the question how POSTECH could win this game, he said, “Our players are tall and make good rebounds through that and it made great advantage to our victory.” For this PKSW basketball game, POSTECH players stayed at POSTECH and had training 3 times in a day in summer vacation. Thanks to them, POSTECH could beat KAIST and gain honorable victory.

POSTECH claimed complete victory with a 5 to 2 win in the 18th PKSW, being victorious in all three sports competitions (football, baseball, and basketball), AI battle, and science quiz. Along with individual match trophies, POSTECH was awarded the championship flag at the closing ceremony. The final closing show was performed by student clubs from both universities and guest singers SUPERBEE and Uneducated Kid. Overall, the 18th PKSW was a great success thanks to the heat from both POSTECH, KAIST, and especially the international students.