The Things That Travel Has Changed
The Things That Travel Has Changed
  • Reporter Lee Mi-yeon
  • 승인 2019.09.27 10:29
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▲Reporter Lee Mi-yeon
▲Reporter Lee Mi-yeon


Do you like to travel? Then, what is your travel style? Each person has different ways of traveling and the worth of travel in one’s life is all different. I have traveled at least three places every vacation. With the start of the winter vacation last year, I have not only changed greatly in my style of traveling but also started to find the new worth of it. I used to plan a trip like ‘the one who will not be there again.’ Except for sleep time, I planned a tight schedule so that there were no breaks, and I felt like I had traveled only when I had looked around all the tourist attractions. Photographs left in many places were the biggest reason for me to travel, and I tried to manage all the planned schedules. However, traveling to Jeju Island last winter has changed my travel style greatly. A month before I went to Jeju Island, I searched the tourist attractions with my friend and planned a tight schedule for two nights and three days. However, from the first day of Jeju Island, the weather became cloudy, and from the next day, there was a lot of rain. The first day, even though it was cloudy, we traveled as planned, but on the second day, we would not dare to  leave the hotel in the morning. Eventually, the plan fell apart and I was even more disappointed as all the trip plans come to naught. My friend who went together saw me depressed all morning and began to comfort me. She comforted me by telling that the memories of this situation would be long remembered and her positive thinking even in this worst situation taught me a big lesson. We came out of the hotel and walked in raincoats without any plan. Then, on a whim, we found an intimate café, where we could talk with a warm cup of tea. I felt for the first time that I could find a new worth of travel through composure in a strange place, and the atmosphere of the café and the time with my friend still remain as the most meaningful memory of the trip. 
This summer, I left for Jeju Island alone. I have always thought that the purpose of the trip is seeing a lot, and it is far from ‘healing’. However, this trip was different. Before going on a trip, I happened to read “the cause of Travel” by Kim Young-ha and considered how to record this trip, which was of great significance for the first time. I stayed at Hamdeok Beach where I really wanted to visit leisurely for three nights and four days. The beach that I saw for three days changed its appearance every day. The sounds surrounding the beach changed too, and I recorded the sounds as I wanted to remember these changes and the feelings I felt. It was a trip contrary to my attitude to life, which had valued efficiency. In addition, the trip contributes to eliminating the fear of doing things alone. I used to be reluctant to go to the restaurant alone, but now it is natural to do it and I can fully enjoy the trip by focusing on me. I read books in the bookstore, walking by chance, and recorded what happened that day in a quiet café making me recognize the value of traveling alone. It may be inconvenient to travel alone, but it was a trip that made me know what things are possible from traveling alone. I also had travel before I tried this, but it is a trip anyone can make if they have a little courage. How about breaking away from the monotony of daily life through fresh change?


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