POSTECH Professors Play a Relief Role in Company’s Crisis
POSTECH Professors Play a Relief Role in Company’s Crisis
  • reporter Park Jee-won
  • 승인 2019.09.05 19:30
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▲Circuit in the hand of a researcher
▲Circuit in the hand of a researcher


POSTECH professors will play a relieving role in the crisis of the Korean-based materials and parts companies caused by Japan’s “whitelist” exclusion. It will support not only Japan’s regulatory sector but also areas with high foreign dependence and cover both large and small businesses through a two-track strategy.

First of all, ‘expert pool’ system is prepared for small and medium enterprises. This method creates a database of 100 professors in the fields of materials, semiconductors, steel, energy, telecommunications, and electronics, and will be directly connected to businesses and professors through the POSTECH Research and Business Development Foundation (RBDF) and the chief of the sector. The sector is divided into seven areas: materials, steel, chemistry, life, electronics, chemical engineering, and mechanical engineering.

In addition, expert pool system is going to provide support for major companies through RBDF that were established and have operated in Korea since 2016. POSTECH operates RBDF with five companies including LG Display, Samsung SDI, Hyosung, Samsung Electronics, and POSCO Chemical. These centers are conducting mid- to long-term researches to create new markets as well as providing technical support. 

The Pohang Accelerator Laboratory, which is the only research institute in Korea that has the equipment to test the Extreme Ultra-Violet Photoresist, will also add strength to the breakthrough.
In addition to the cooperation of POSCO and RIST, POSTECH plans to actively support small to large-sized Korean enterprises.

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