Organic Transistors Enhancing Spontaneous Polymer-Doping
Organic Transistors Enhancing Spontaneous Polymer-Doping
  • Reporter Chae Seung-hyun
  • 승인 2019.04.24 13:24
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▲Prof. Noh Yong-young (CE)
▲Prof. Noh Yong-young (CE)


The research team of Professor Noh Yong-young (CE) and Dr. Shin Eun-sol (CE), has discovered a way to enhance the performance of organic transistors by using a spontaneous doping method; electronic doping using the properties of insulating layer instead of doping through the use of chemicals.
In foldable or flexible display, light and flexible organic transistors are used. However, organic materials have lower electron mobility that should be improved. The research team was the world first to enhance the property of organic transistors’ performance by electronical doping utilizing insulato property.
Organic transistors build layers of insulators on top of organic semiconductors. This layer of insulators contains fluorine, which is a dipole. Due to the amount of difference in electrons between fluorine and the organic layer’s carbon, a dipole is formed between organic matter and the insulator that causes spontaneous polymer-doping. The doping transforms the positive charge movement into unipolar P-type, which increases electron mobility, eventually increasing the performance of the organic transistors.  
In the current display market, where the keys to success lies in foldable or flexible displays, the most fundamental technology is organic transistors, which have a well-bent characteristic. However, as organic matter lacks in electric charge mobility, the challenge has been to improve performance by increasing the movement of electrons.
Prof. Noh’s research on the doping effects of organic polymer transistors using fluorine-containing insulators, which can increase the performance of foldable displays without additional processes, is expected to make a great impact. The study was recently published as a cover article for ACS; Applied Materials & Interfaces, the highest authority in the field of chemistry. 

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