Elevator Supplies Stockpiles Installed
Elevator Supplies Stockpiles Installed
  • Reporter Song Sung-chan
  • 승인 2019.03.29 16:09
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▲ The elevator supplies stockpiles installed in RC
▲ The elevator supplies stockpiles installed in RC

From March 18 to 19, the department of Safety Management has installed elevator supplies stockpiles in 47 elevators around the campus including freight in preparation for emergencies. The intent of the installation is that when a person is stuck inside an elevator, fear and anxiety double, lowering the person’s chance of survival, and the supplies stockpile lets the person survive at least a week without any outside aid until manpower arrives. 
The content of the supplies stockpile is as follows: a high-calorie chocolate bar, mineral water, an emergency chemical light and a light-condensing plate, a heat blanket, a whistle, a compression bandage, and a help flag. Under the content list on the stockpile guideline, there are instructions for each of the items. As of the emergency chemical light, when the rod is snapped in the middle, it lights up for 12 hours and with the light-condensing plate, in a shape of a cone) inserted into the rod, one of the rods can be used as a flashlight and the other rod can be attached to an object or a person to notify the location. As of the heat blanket, it is aimed to maintain the person’s temperature, a crucial factor of survival, especially if the person is injured. The whistle is to notify the person’s location with sound. Shortly whistle six times per minute and keep the whistle around the neck to prevent loss. The compression bandage is used for hemostasis for the injured. Lastly, the help flag is to be fastened to an object nearby and thrown out of the elevator through any hole to notify the location. 
With the earthquake that frequently happens in Pohang lately, no one knows when one will be stuck inside an elevator with no hope of breaking out alone. The elevator supplies stockpile will be there to help one not only to ask for help with the whistle and the flag but also let one get all the necessities to survive a week. 

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