“Literary Girl” Becomes A “Reporter”
“Literary Girl” Becomes A “Reporter”
  • reporter Park Jee-won
  • 승인 2019.03.29 16:00
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Reporter Park Jee-won
Reporter Park Jee-won

For three years in high school, my nickname was “Literary Girl”. I wrote in Korean rather than in English, and wrote sentimentally rather than rationally. No matter who, everyone thought I was a student more suitable as a novelist or a poet than as a journalist.  
It may seem strange that I, who is not talented at English, became a new reporter of The Postech Times. The reason why I decided to apply as a new reporter for The Postech Times was that I want to write helpful writings. Literature could entertain readers for a while, but often it is written to express writer’s feelings to others and gain sympathy. However, articles, which quickly convey facts and explanations about events occurring in society and in school, appealed to me in that it was simply a publication for reading. Between English and Korean newspapers, the reason why I applied for the English newspaper was because of the wide range of readers. I thought that writing articles in the language of more people, I would soon be able to write things that would benefit and reach more people. 
I used to say if I joined The Postech Times, I would like to write articles for the feature page. There were three reasons. The first is to break the prejudice that I will be insensitive to social problems because I am a student at a technology university. The second is to break the prejudice that I will be ignorant of Society because I am young. And the third is to change my current self, who cannot be an example of all the above prejudices. Now that my wish has become reality, I will do my best to be a true example by engraving in my heart these first thoughts. 
I believe that the biggest difference between a “reporter” and a “Literary Girl” is their priority. As a high school student, I put expressing my own characteristics first by writing my own story, whether it was true or not. But as a reporter, I will make it a top priority to report the facts only. I will never forget the weight of the word “reporter”  and promise to write for readers solely. Most of all, although I may not be the best reporter, I will be the reporter who always does my best. Please anticipate an improvement in my abilities every time an article is published. 

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