Fresh Start as a New Reporter of The Postech Times
Fresh Start as a New Reporter of The Postech Times
  • reporter Kim Min-gyu
  • 승인 2019.03.29 15:59
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Reporter Kim Min-gyu
Reporter Kim Min-gyu

English newspaper. My oldest memory of an English newspaper comes from a time when I was an elementary school kid. My school had an English newspaper of its own. The paper selected a few from the students who finished the puzzles there handed out presents; that was my weekly fun as an elementary kid. Not only that, I really liked reading my friend’s articles. I still remember my best friend’s article. It was about her life in the U.S.. She made her articles so interesting that, when reading them, I felt like I was experiencing what she had experienced. I promised myself that I would oneday write a good article like one of hers. 
Now here I am, as a new member of The Postech Times. I am so ready to write my own article. I am beyond excited. As of my point of view, writing something, opinions, facts and interviews, is a very efficient way of expressing yourself to the people and even to yourself. Writing will definitely give more freedom to express yourself more. Many people can access your thoughts through writing just by picking up the writing wherever they are, and the best part is that it remains. You can go back through your writings and rethink about them.   
About reading, I once read the saying, ‘if you read the book, you get the life lessons of the writer’s.’ I would like to confess that I have not done much reading through high school, blaming time. But I came to university with a determination to read.  
Therefore I am absolutely flattered to be in The Postech Times, where I can do more reading and writing. I want to promise myself that I will keep my passion and enthusiasm toward reading and writing as a reporter of The Postech Times. I promise you, my readers, an interesting, core-penetrating, and worth-reading articles. At least I will try my best to do so. Also, I am excited to meet and interact with my fellow reporters. I am sure we will have such a great time together! 
I hope this new beginning will be a fresh start for me, for The Postech Times and for the thankful readers. 

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