From Reader to Reporter
From Reader to Reporter
  • reporter Choi Eun-je
  • 승인 2019.03.29 15:58
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Reporter Choi Eun-je
Reporter Choi Eun-je

Ever since I was able to read, I read all the articles around me even if I did not know what they meant. I loved reading and newspapers were like a heaven of articles. As my knowledge of society grew, I could understand more parts of the newspaper. Even though there were still many economic and political terms that made it hard to read articles, they stimulated me to study more about society. Extending my knowledge of the economy, politics, and diplomacy was one of my pleasures.
Through this, I could form my own views on social issues. I used to share and discuss critical social issues with friends. At times, I had to explain and inform them of various issues, and I felt rewarded through the imparting of knowledge and watching my friends listen carefully to my explanations. From that point on, I longed to become one who conveys the news to others. Finally, it led me here the The Postech Times.
I think I am not skillful enough to write good articles. My English words and expressions are still limited and that’s also true for my writing as well. Then, should I be frustrated and avoid doing anything? No, that is an absolute nonsense. As I am poor in many parts, I promise you to work diligently and develop my skills in many areas. I promise you to give the most recent and accurate news. I promise you to write the most readable articles. Above all, I promise you to do my best at every moment.
These are my basic beliefs while I embark on joining the The Postech Times. However, have you ever heard the expression “the head of the dragon and the tail of the snake”? It indicates that the person who is greatly motivated and full of zeal at the start of something is left with nothing but failure and apathy at the end. I do not want to be the main character of this story. I want to keep current passion and humbly write articles. There will be many obstacles preventing me from maintaining my journalistic integrity, but my indolence and weakness of mind will be the main factor. Then, whenever I feel I am losing my original attitude, I will read this article again and attempt to return to a fresh reporter’s mind.
I hope my future articles will educate and help you to stay informed.

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