2019 POSTECH Matriculation Ceremony
2019 POSTECH Matriculation Ceremony
  • Reporter Kim Su-min
  • 승인 2019.02.28 02:52
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▲All freshmen with the president, faculty, and Ponix
▲All freshmen with the president, faculty, and Ponix

All POSTECH members were cordially invited to the 2019 Matriculation Ceremony held on Feb. 15. On that day, 317 freshmen (B.S.) started their new academic journey at POSTECH. About 1,000 people including freshmen, their parents, and other guests gathered at the school auditorium.
Before the ceremony, all new Postechians gathered outside the auditorium in academic regalia, and entered into the auditorium following the department flag bearers. After them, distinguished guests marched in order of mace, faculty, guests, and President Kim Doh-Yeon. At 11 A.M., the opening of the ceremony was officially announced by the MC Kim Yu-ri (CiTE 16). After the vice president of Academic Affairs gave a report on academic affairs, Yu Min-jae (Mueunjae 19) proclaimed the freshmen oath, titled ‘The path for 2019 Postechians’. The mic was then passed on to President Kim Doh-Yeon, for the matriculation address. He said, “The way to prepare for the future is to be a ‘self-learning person’ for your lifetime.” He also emphasized the importance of experiences, “Experience wide, and try more things,” mentioning MOOC and SES. 
There was a special event, the degree conferment. Choi Mun-young, the president of the University of Missouri System, received an honorary doctorate degree in mechanical engineering. He earned M.A. and Ph.D. in Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering from Princeton University. In 2012, he became the senior vice president of the University of Connecticut, and in 2015, the university was selected as one of the best American state universities. Since then, he has been recognized for his leadership and was appointed the president of the University of Missouri in March, 2017. In his acceptance speech, he said, “I became the first Asian president of the University of Missouri System, but my childhood was very ordinary and there was nothing special.” “If I can do it… you can do it, too,” he encouraged the new Postechians. 
The talk show, the main content of POSTECH matriculation ceremony since 2017, then followed. Conversations between the president, faculty, enrolled students and freshmen continued more than 20 minutes longer than the scheduled 25 minutes. It was about what freshmen want to know, various advices and tips for the campus life, and so on. 
The ceremony was finished by singing the university song, and it was followed by the photo session. All freshmen gathered and took photos with the president and faculty. Some freshmen took selfies with the president.
Lee Joon-hee (IME 17), the representative of IME, left a message for freshmen, “I was there with a sense of trembling, exactly two years ago, and today I was very excited to be here as the representative of the department. I hope you will just walk the path of joy and wonder until the time you feel what I felt.”
Lee Hyoung-min (Mueunjae 19) said, “I’m bewildered at the entrance into POSTECH, which I had hoped for a long time. I am afraid and worried at making my first step to the university, but I am proud to be a Postechian and I am sure that I will do well from now on.”